Obama nixes Keystone XL; immediately this DISASTER occurs

Last week President Obama ruled that the Keystone XL Pipeline, after seven years, is not viable, does not create jobs, is not vital for our energy and national security, and is too dangerous for our environment — since we are the global leader on climate change.

obama thinking2

As Written By Allen B. West:

Hmm, I recall the State Department studies saying much to the contrary. Furthermore, don’t we have all kinds of pipelines in the United States? Well, it seems since we have the new lefty running things up north, Monsieur Trudeau, maybe Obama feels he has somewhat of a kindred spirit. But just know, if the tar sands don’t flow through a system southward, they’ll probably go westward and benefit China.

However, how are we supposed to transit crude oil through the United States if the pipeline proposal is sooooo bad? Yep, choo-choo trains, but there’s one problem it seems Obama and the liberal progressives just don’t want to discuss.

As reported by Fox News, “A Canadian Pacific Railway train carrying crude oil derailed Sunday and prompted some evacuations in Wisconsin, the second day in a row a freight train derailed in the state.

“CP takes this incident extremely seriously,” the railroad said in a news release. The company did not say how much oil spilled. Federal investigators and hazardous material specialists are on their way to the scene, the Federal Railroad Administration said in a tweet.

Residents of about 35 homes were asked to evacuate around 4 p.m., said Donna Haugom, director of the Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management. On Saturday, a freight train derailed near Alma in western Wisconsin, spilling thousands of gallons of ethanol. BNSF Railway said crews continued Sunday to transfer ethanol from the derailed cars and get the cars back on the tracks. BNSF said railroad crews stopped the leaks from five tanker cars and placed containment booms along the shoreline. One tanker released an estimated 18,000 gallons of ethanol, and the other four released an estimated 5 to 500 gallons each.”

Do any of you hear the screams and complaints from the environmental progressive left? Nope, neither do I. Just crickets. You see, it’s very simple – just follow the money because it is Obama’s BFF, Warren Buffett, who has lots to profit from because of his control of railroad systems. So why would Obama approve something that’d put a dent in his buddy’s back pocket?

You know, there’s nothing like good ol’ liberal left crony energy capitalism — any of y’all remember Solyndra? Now, let’s play a little game. What if it was a Republican president who was cozy with a big business rich one-percenter railroad kinda fella?

I can bet you the liberal left would be all over supporting the Keystone XL pipeline. After all, the mantra would be good high paying jobs for Americans — meaning unions. But when it’s …. [keep reading here]



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  • Sharon

    0 nixed the pipeline: reason: Warren Buffet: 0 will never go against those who bankroll him.

  • http://kristiann1.com/ Kristi17

    The Abomination Barack Hussein Obama ( BHO ) aka Barry Soetoro ( all muslim names ) is a EXTREME LEFT-WING LIBERAL and Marxist muslim and muslim brotherhood member and sympathizer!!

    The Idiotic LEFT-WING LIBERALS who think climate change are all WRONG!!

    Our True GOD the FATHER who art in HEAVEN CONTROLS the WEATHER ( UNIVERSE ) and the EARTH from HEAVEN ABOVE!!

    United We Stand with Israel-Yisrael and our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America, Divided We FALL!!

    Love Always and Shalom Everyone,


    • Crysta

      Please take that crap to Mexico, where it belongs… Mexico is a truly “christrian” nation, why not live there for a change!

  • Patriot

    Hey c’mon guys a man’s gotta make a living and Moochelle has expensive tastes and we will soon have to pay for our own vacations

    • 1josephg1

      Not really. The pos still gets paid after office. Tell you what I would like to pay for. Seeing that low life muslim scumbag sitting in the hot seat.

  • ReadsALot

    Surely the Mossad has the goods on this creature and they have to know he is no friend of Israel. WHY won’t they expose him?!

  • 1josephg1

    Does anyone expect anything different from the foreign exchange student?

  • http://defending-the-Constitution.com Joseph D. Hollinger

    Has anyone checked to see what part Valerie Jarrett (pulls Obama’s strings) played in his decision. She is labeled as his Chief Adviser but not logical reason for her being chosen for he job other than she is a fellow Muslim. From what I can see, she is in control of everything Obama does and she takes her orders from somewhere such as Qatar.

    Rand Paul made a good point on the debates last night concerning carbon emissions. The Earth has been here for millions of years and as it evolved to where it is today, it has gone through ice ages, volcano ages, flooding ages, and so on. Many of those periods of time produced far more carbon and other gases, some noxious, and the Earth is still hear and ticking along nicely.

    Our industrial period has not been two hundred plus years.long. Comparing the years between the first 30 years of the 1800s when industry started in America up until today, the numbers of years our industrial period could have added carbon emissions to our atmosphere is only 185 years. Of those 185 years, with each year that passed as we moved forward in out capacities and capabilities for manufacturing our contribution to carbon emissions slowly increased until the 1980s when we were at a high point in our industrial history. This was when we probably reached our maximum impact for carbon emissions.

    From the 1980s politicians worked to take our progress away from us and gradually pecked away at our industrial base and our educational systems until we are producing college graduates with degrees that won’t get them jobs. and no jobs for them to take if their degrees were in fields benefiting our GDP. Through the shipping of the work Americans did to Mexico and beyond started a trend that took more and more businesses out of the United States. Incentives and laws were passed that made it mandatory for U.S. manufacturers of several products to share the work with factories in Mexico.

    Clothing and textiles was one of the industries impacted early on. This industry employed thousands all over America and the decision by Bill Clinton to create NAFTA eventually closed down the clothing and textile factories. At first, just the cutting operations were farmed out and assembly was done in the U.S. Then sub-assemblies were sewn by foreign workers and final assembly done by U.S. workers. Now, in most cases, finished products are brought here for sale to U.S. customers many of which use to make the products they now purchase while not working.

    My point is that we have been an emitter of carbon for 150 years. Comparing that to the number of years Earth has existed, let’s say, 50 Million years, if you made a 100 mile long line, the number of years we added carbon to the atmosphere would not be visible on the line.

    Obama/Jarrett/Soros and others are trying to use the reuse of global warming to fleece citizens of industrialized countries such as the U.S. (mostly, the U.S.) by increasing the costs of everything they do and the things needed to live their daily lives, in order to reduce them to despotism. Global warming is a scam being used to redistribute wealth and reduce the World’s populations to a somewhat equal state of poverty, under government’s (NWO) control.

    The trade agreements Obama has worked so hard to create TTP and TTIP are tools for use towards the NWO goal. If the Senate ratifies the TPP partnership agreement, the U.S. will lose its sovereignty to a TPP Committee made up of members of the partnered countries. This committee will create a court through which the committee will sue governments that attempt to pass laws that interfere with businesses profit objectives. Good-bye sovereignty, U.S.

    • Marcia Rose Beachler Woodham


    • Crysta

      Do you wish to be part of the next great extinction? Funny how that seems to happen a lot when CO2 levels rise…

      • purplewings


      • TxGirl4Liberty

        Next great extinction? Are you kidding me? Your liberal ideals will lead to our extinction by terrorists on this planet who want to wipe us off the face of the earth, possibly in our lifetime. Where did you get your science degree? Obama U?

      • DCW16

        Seem to remember an Enviro-loon telling us that a 4 degree temperature change would lead the the extinction of millions of animals.
        But . . . being a THINKER . . . i remembered that in North Dakota in January is can be -50 . . . and by July it can be 100 degrees F . . . that’s a swing of 150 Degrees in 6 months . . . and nothing died.
        Could it be the the Left is INSANE ?

        Oil Sands Bitumen is partially diluted Crude Oil . . . Much lighter and less carbon content than Venezuela Heavy Oil or California Heavy Oil . . . Keystone would have taken it to the Gulf Refineries that SPECIALIZE in Heavy Oils.
        No PIPELINE = Oil by Warren Buffets Railroad . . . it has been coming for years now !

      • http://defending-the-Constitution.com Joseph D. Hollinger

        We are well on our way to that next extinction under the thumb of the Obama/Jarrett regime. Except if they get their way it will be at the hands of Muslims with beheading axes. The only future for America that will be bright will be that one we build ourselves by bringing industry back that employs people, not robots. Robots are profit oriented only. They can work 24/7 and not take a rest, have medical problems, have families, or retire. If the break they are scrapped and a new one takes their place. One human can operate the computers that control many robots. What we must do is improve our education system by first returning control to the States where it belongs and do away with the Federal Department of Education. Education was not assigned them by the Framers so it is not their purview. Then we have to stop pussyfooting around with students and demand that they do well with no excuses. They must do all work and do it well and they must get back to doing some homework in each of their subjects every night and over the weekends. There is no such thing as it isn’t fair, it is necessary for their success and for the success of the United States regrowth. Our GDP and the environment will be improved through our graduating exemplary students with advanced PHDs in engineering, mathematics, and the sciences. Those graduates will rebuild our technological expertise and solve our unemployment problems, as well as care for the environment by developing processes having little impact on air and/or water. SO, I do not want anyone to suffer any sort of extinction brought about about by something man should do better or by some zealots who feel that their agenda is the only agenda and everyone must either comply with it or die. That is utter crap. Those people need to move up in time by about 400 years and get with current times. U.S. citizens must refuse Muslims any rights or freedoms here thereby forcing them to leave and go back where life for them will be as they want it. They must live as one and indistinguishable from us, respect our social mores, speak our language, dress as we do, respect our history, work to support their families, and obey U.S. laws understanding that there is but one system of laws and that is U.S. law based in the U.S. Constitution. We have, in our Bill of Rights, all of the protection from extinction that we need. That is the Second Amendment. We must each be fully prepared to shed blood if necessary to save our country. Quote from Thomas Jefferson: “….the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, it is its natural manure.” Be ready and well armed just in case you may need to bear arms in OUR defense.

      • Beckah

        You do realize that plants REQUIRE CO2, don’t you?
        WHERE is the documentation that supports your argument that rising CO2 levels (and not an asteroid) was the probable cause of extinction level events?

    • Beckah

      Well done!
      However, Jarrett is most likely taking her “marching orders” from Iran. Qatar is, at best, a puppet of Iran.

  • beast6228

    Global climate change is nothing but Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) Built by Obama, Al Gore, Bill Ayers and hundreds of others who have billions invested, including top financial institutions.

  • satin85718

    Why is the page black and words are in tiny print so you can’t read it?