Obama Pushes One World Government

When President Obama spoke at the United Nations he espoused the One World Government. He speaks of globalization in the fondest of terms: As if it is the do-all be-all for all the problems in the world. Also in the speech he referred to “true democracy.” If that is what he is for, then God help us.

As Written By Alex Pfeiffer for Daily Caller:

‘Collision of cultures’

In his last address before the United Nations Tuesday, President Barack Obama acknowledged that globalism has led “to a collision of cultures” but urged countries to embrace liberal democracy and internationalization.

Obama told world leaders to recognize that violence and poverty are at historic lows.

“I believe that we need to acknowledge these achievements in order to carry this progress forward,” Obama said. “In order to move forward, though, we do have to acknowledge that the existing path to global integration requires a course correction.”

The president said those who trumpet the benefit of globalization have ignored inequalities in their countries and “the enduring appeal of ethnic and sectarian identities.” Obama added that many government institutions around the world have been unfit to handle the changes globalization has brought…..

Full Story Here:

Obama Praises Globalism While Acknowledging Its Faults | The Daily Caller



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  • J_in_TX

    Spoken like a true communist.

    • yennikcm


  • Smitch

    President Tar-Baby S_it-Head…Get the F_ck-out of our Country!

    • Vern Cox

      He has aspirations to get elected Secretary General of the UN. Get ready for it all to hit the fan if he’s successful.

      • Smitch

        Yep! Ready for the blue helmets, been loading for the past 8 years!

      • phyrfitr

        If hillary gets in she will nominate him. Their deal for his support

  • Doug Gash

    Communist S O B

  • AZWarrior

    Read “Left Behind”. Read the anti-Christ’s address at the U.N. Barack Obama= Nicholai Carpathia.

  • Crystal Waters

    This is why Beyonce and Kaepernick push anti-patriotism right after spending time at the White House. This is why Obama is giving away control of the internet. This is why the Bushes are lining up behind Hillary. They are globalists and this is why they hate Trump.