Obama Scores Big Again!

Now that former President Barack Obama has a lot of free time on his hands, he can figure out ways to use it beneficially. Last week it was reported that he had already made $400,000 in a one appearance speaking fee. This week he just doubled his money and it seems all he had to do was answer a bunch of softball questions. You all know how much the former President held Wall Street and the one-percenters in contempt. Apparently, their money is still good.

As Written By Claire Atkinson | NYPost

Even as President Obama faced criticism for getting $400,000 for a speech to a Wall Street bank, he pocketed the same amount of money for a second speech, The Post has learned.

Obama made another $400,000 on Thursday when he appeared at the A&E Networks advertising upfront at The Pierre Hotel. He was interviewed over 90 minutes at the Midtown Manhattan event by presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin in front of the cable network’s advertisers.

Out of office just 98 days, Obama caught some flack earlier this week when it was learned that he had agreed to speak in September at a health care event sponsored by Wall Street bank Cantor Fitzgerald.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said she was “troubled” by the big-ticket talk……..


Obama scores another $400K speaking fee amid criticism | New York Post



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