Obama to send Special Operations Troops To Fight ISIS

President Obama is directing the Pentagon to send special forces into Syria to advise the Syrian opposition in its fight against ISIS, sources confirmed.

Allen West joined Stewart Varney to weigh in on this matter. “What I want is to understand the battlefield calculus that you operate under in the military. Sending fifty guys in is insane!

Video by my friends at BB4SP



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  • http://opinionated-american.com Opinionated American

    I do support our troops. Sending in 50. This will be a suicide mission. If your going to get into the mess. Go all out.
    W.W.2 was a bloody war. However we went in and destroyed the enemy. Roosevelt didn’t just send in 50 to fight the German army or send a letter to the Japanese apologizing for having our ships docked at Pearl Harbor.
    What I’m saying, Go big or stay on the porch.

    • J_in_TX

      That wasn’t Truman. That was Roosevelt and he allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor to happen (at least) and probably caused it to happen. Had to do something to get the American people to support our entry into the war.

      • http://opinionated-american.com Opinionated American

        You are right.. Corrected it. Thx

    • lou39

      You are absolutely correct! Sending these fellows in is a suicide mission. What is Obama thinking?!! A$$!!