Obama’s latest plan MUST be stopped. He’s making his move NOW

They say lightning never strikes twice and I believe the now late baseball Hall of Famer Yogi Berra coined the phrase, “It’s deja vu all over again.”

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Written By Allen B. West:

Well, that’s how some folks are feeling about President Obama heading over to Paris for the climate change kumbaya fest. It sure looks like, just as with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Iranian nuclear deal, Obama will seek out a means to sidestep the U.S. Congress. Now of course, in the case of the Iranian nuclear deal, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Corker (R-Tenn) helped POTUS out big time. Obama was then easily able to leverage the Senate Democrats to block the “resolution of disapproval” from even coming to the Senate floor.

However, as reported by Fox News, “Capitol Hill Republicans are aiming to take the air out of President Obama’s push for a global climate deal at next week’s international summit in Paris, warning they will block vital funding if he tries to circumvent Congress.

Obama and other world leaders are charging ahead with the two-week U.N. conference starting Monday, under heightened security in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

But at home, the country and the Congress remain deeply divided over the president’s plans for cutting emissions – and lawmakers are worried he will etch an international pact without seeking Senate approval. Looking for leverage, critics of the president’s climate agenda have zeroed in on the president’s goal of directing $3 billion – including $500 million in the near-term – for the U.N. Green Climate Fund, which would help developing nations deal with climate change.

I hate to admit this, but I have little faith that Capitol Hill Republicans will do anything to thwart Obama. After all, they were supposed to cut funding for the illegal executive order issued by Obama on illegal immigration. How’d that work out?




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  • Mike Charles

    Read me very clear….

  • Jeff Noncent

    Who’s going to stop Obala he has the American people in the palm of his hand

  • Leo 6

    The Chinese are gagging on the pollution they are creating in their own backyard, and Obama want us to tighten our belts?? I wonder if LA’s smog is so bad because they are sucking on China’s smoke stacks too? This idiot is delusional!!

    • Libhunter

      I used to love Smithfield Ham Co. here in NC but the damned gooks(Chinese)I’m an enlisted Nam Combat Veteran/23rd Infantry, bought it & have our hogs sent o China for them to butcher & send back the meat here. Trouble with that right before the buy the Yangtse River had 10,000+ hogs floating in it. Guess which meat is sent back to us? I say we take every damned muslim in US to hog farms for there food & after they gain 500 pounds send them to China!

  • JoAnn Graham

    I would be shocked if the gutless GOP in Congress did ANYTHING to even slow down, much less stop this latest end run around Congress. Obama has ZERO Constitutional authority to run around entering into international agreements (these are called TREATIES) on his own without getting them ratified by the Senate, and yet has helped Iran towards getting their own nukes and all KINDS of other LOONY agreements he’s made with other countries through the UN with NO ratification by Congress. Did they stop his Iran nuke deal or any of his OTHER illegal treaties? NO, they didn’t. Does anybody believe they will miraculously grow a spine before he bypasses them with his gigantic “climate change” scam designed to finish bankrupting US by “redistributing” American wealth to Third World countries? That $3 BILLION he plans to bestow on Third World countries is ONLY the beginning, folks, and his corrupt hands are going to be into YOUR pockets BIG TIME before he is done.

    • Conservative

      That’s just another $3 BILLION he is adding to the $10 TRILLION he has accumulated since he took office. That is $10 TRILLION over the $9 TRILLION since George Washington.
      If he can’t break us with Terrorists and Muslims he will break up through over-whelming debt which we will NEVER be able to repay. We will no longer have any means of protecting ourselves or paying for all the welfare programs so many feel entitled to.
      Obama and Hillary have theirs stashed away so there is no concern for what happens to America.

    • Libhunter

      Both parties are the same! My family & I support Trump for POTUS if he isn’t, that is it for any laws in America & will fight in 2nd American Revolution, hell I want to now to rid us of the foreign muslim terrorist currently residing in our Whitehouse & this entire admin! Democrat party politicians should be executed & every RINO along with every appointee in this last 9 years! For allowing the Kenyan/Indonesian & non US citizen into the Senate everyone in party in Illinois needs to hang for Treason right now.

  • Ragman69

    Gee….I wonder who’s hands are greased? Shitcago politics have taken over the country.

  • Conservative

    Yes, we can stop this foolishness. Vote for a true courageous, intelligent man of integrity, TED CRUZ for President. He will not stand for this anti-American foolishness and get us back on the track of a government based on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    Everything about America is being destroyed for one thing. Narcissist RINO republicans and Socialist/Democrats. They care about nothing but ‘going along to get along’ in order to keep their jobs while spending 90% of their time with lobbyists and multi-millilonaire donors and with every Bill they vote on it’s benefits those entities and themselves. Unfortunately, it is no longer what is best for their constituents but what is best to keep their jobs and increase their wealth and power.
    As for Obama, he has overtly demonstrated how much he hates everything American and is doing all in his power to destroy us. He has made it very evident, to anyone who watches and listens, that he will defend and side with Country that is anti-American.

    • Libhunter

      Vote? Time for killing & placing Trump into office, after Obama is shot dead & deleted, as our 44th President!

      • chrisitnesalt

        Unfortunately, that’s not the way it would work. We’d get Uncle Joe Biden for the rest of the term. Boooooooooooooooooooo.

        • Libhunter

          Every democrat with 1 exception will be executed along with 95% of Republicans so No Trump will be POTUS # 44.

  • suzy2


    • ValH

      owevomit covered his leaky ass when he dumped all of our most powerful Military leaders and put in his own asskissers. Think about that.

    • Rosemary Stambaugh

      Exactly right !

    • chrisitnesalt

      Actually, need to have them both…Obumma and Biden, who have both committed treason and many other transgressions, and follow Libhunter’s plan.

      • Libhunter

        Right on Brother! Have gun will travel!

    • Libhunter

      The generals still in service are traitors put there by the Foreign Islamic Terrorist in power illegally!

  • Myrna

    All we hear out of Washington is “blah, blah, blah” on how terrible Obummer is! It seems that no one–GOP or DEM has the balls to do anything about it! Congress is just as much a disgrace as the WH!

    • Libhunter

      You going to push my wheelchair into the Whitehouse?

    • Libhunter

      Myrna both parties have committed Treason, they must all be replaced by US Patriots/Veterans!

  • Libhunter

    Killing Obama for America should deserve the Medal of Honor while continuing on killing everyone with that foreign POS Islamic terrorist crack smoking queer!

  • billwhit

    Obama is very mentally unstable and you can see it on his face! He needs to be relieved of duty and sent someplace to be Mentally Evaluated because, at the moment, he places a clear and present danger on our Nation and We, the People! Obama will be found to be a Criminal Sociopath Narcissist and Pathological Liar and should be required to spend some quiet time in Gitmo, with Water Boarding as Therapy!