Obama’s War Advisors Turn On Him

Barack Obama remains a fortunate president, insofar as the press is still invested in his success. Or, at least, in muting outrage over his failures. Any other American president who, while prosecuting an unpopular war, saw a series of critical national security advisors resign would probably generate some rather unfavorable coverage.


BY NOAH ROTHMAN, Commentary Magazine

On September 22, Barack Obama’s hand-selected advisor coordinating global efforts to combat the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, retired General John Allen, announced his intention to resign the post. Within a week, Evelyn Farkas, deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia, also handed in her resignation. Given the ongoing wars in Europe and the Middle East into which the West is increasingly committing resources, these resignations are alarming.

In general, the flight of Obama’s war advisors from his administration went unnoticed by all but the keenest of observers. Both Allen and Farkas have determined, however, to make it difficult for the public to ignore their warnings. As both these advisors head for the exits, they and others are seeking exculpation for the increasing tensions and accelerating failures in their respective theaters of operations. What’s more, they are shifting blame toward the White House.




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  • Capn Jack

    Like rats deserting a sinking ship

    • DenverKitty

      Cap…You took the words right out of my mouth!!

  • Bud

    I hope the exodus continues at an explosive pace. I have long wondered how and why any loyal American would serve for the benefit of Obama. To me, working for him is traitorous. We should be calling out the SHAME of anyone who would willingly do his will. The man is, and has always been, a Sunni Muslim who hates America.

    • Judith Van Doren

      That would include the entire democrat party and rinos.

    • Jay

      What kind of person. Put him in the White House is the first place. ?.?

      • Joy Beum

        George Soros and many other ultra-rich. Many of them muslims. His handler has always been valerie jarret, the one born in IRAN.

      • http://theeditingchair.com P. Kathy Kleiman

        It was a soft coup and the GOP knew of his connections that were not palpable. They did not use this information against him, but instead they surrendered to the logic and the long history that the American people just do not like one party in power for more than eight years, they always change even if they dislike the party. And they just went with that. So, what we got, we should have kept a tight rope on him. And the moment that Fast and Furious happened and his own DOJ did nothing, that should have set off warning bells to the GOP, even if they weren’t in the majority. Has anything changed since they got the majority? Wasn’t that a little reminiscent of the Iran Contra wars, if covert war was a business or a crime, the committees they had to determine that? And the sacrificial lamb, Col. Olive North, and he more than anyone wanted to tell the truth. That is again saying they were complicit. They will have their children protected for the rest of their kids’ great grand kid’s lives. but I don’t see how they expect to be safe when Obama unleashes his Jihadists who are all over the county and if they throw a dirty bomb at us, all their money and fine homes won’t help them. Well when Rome fell, they were dancing in the streets, and when the black plague hit the ones who weren’t dead were having orgies in the streets, if any of you know your history, that is. We here in The Republic of Texas have open carry, TX Navy, TX Coastguard, TX Militias and TX Guard that answers only to our Governor and he is a true died in the wool Republic of Texan as is our Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick who a really Godly man. Oh, yeah, the TX Air, and even the Bandidos have gotten patriotic and will be the convoy of our police and TX Rangers who have gladly taken them up on the offer. P. Kathy Kleiman, Oh, yeah, and the vets who are the finest warriors on the planet, are now in our streets waiting, locked, loaded and ready, point, aim……another dead Muslim.

    • Joy Beum

      But it is OH SO PROFITABLE…while they are still alive.

    • Judylynn

      I agree Bud, however, I’m afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood he’s replacing them with. It’s time, while he is in Turkey, to have the military take over the white house, arrest him as soon as he steps foot on American soil. The time has come for us to do something..anything, but sit and wait for horrific tragedy.

      • Bud

        Hmmm,,, good looks and good judgement too.. a rare combination. Meanwhile…
        I am a bit surprised that BHO is still around.

  • MJean

    Wow. Oh, to be a fly on that wall! Brings new meaning to: Having your @$$ handed to you!

  • frankenbiker

    This regime has been full of corrupted officials, liars, thieves and murderers, now that the goatfuckers rating are at the bottom of the ocean, they gotta bail now before he grabs onto their ankles and drag them down with him.

  • hal8196

    The next president is going to have to surround himself with very astute foreign policy experts, because Barry Hussein’s (pbuh) policy of leading from behind and supporting Iran at every turn has created a very unstable world. Quite a legacy for the community organizer.
    Any guess on who the progressive liberal press will blame for starting WW3?

    • Nunnyah Biz

      It’s all Tom Jefferson’s fault! He just had to go and write that dam Constitution, and warn us about that Tree of Liberty thingy! Point the finger at Tom, he started it ……………………………………..and I’m telling teacher on Him!

      Sound like someone you might know?!

      • MJean

        Yeah. And when he does his little whiny thing and blames Republicans for his incompetent actions makes me want to hurl. I’m ashamed to call him our POTUS.

        • Nunnyah Biz

          Then don’t! He isn’t “legally” anyway!

        • Jay

          He is an impostor no pres.

        • Joy Beum

          I don’t call him my president. Sometimes I call him the ‘president of some’.

    • Joy Beum

      Before WWIII begins, we will have to finish off our Civil War, coming soon.

  • Hotnike

    Why the HELL is Obama still residing in the White House? Oh, I forgot. We have a Congress made up of traitors and pansies!!!!

    • Bill Bruck

      Hotnike…And just who has hired, and continues to employ, these politicians? “We The People”, that’s who. If you go out and talk to ten strangers about the affairs of this country, I guarantee you that at least five of them will know nothing about what’s really going on in Washington DC, four will know a little bit and just puke up what they heard on the liberal MSM and one will be truly aware of the peril in which the USA finds itself. I do this on a regular basis and the numbers I stated are generally accurate. The bottom line is that only 10% of the people in this nation know what’s really going on and therein lies the true problem. It is our job as private citizens to be the final arbiters of the government and we are seriously neglecting that responsibility. We have handed this country over to a bunch of fools and are reaping what we have sown. With liberty comes great responsibility.

      • Hotnike

        Thank you. You bring up the points that have been saying for years and I finally just gave up on trying to educate idiots. I truly feel sorry for our nation. I know people will tell me to not give up but I am an older man and the younger ones need to take over if there are any who have the ambition.

        • MJean

          There are. Most millennials voted for Obama last time believing the hope and change, and transformimg America crap. Those that are paying attention have had their eyes opened in a big way to what is happening to their country and they don’t like it. Way more young conservatives than at any other time in history. We saw some of this in the midterms with the red sweep.

      • Bud

        VERY well said Bill. That is the message we need to get across to the under informed. I guess forums like this are just about our only way to do that, since the media certainly is not going to.

    • Joy Beum

      …and those traitors and pansies are raking in huge amounts of money. Those who could not be bought are protecting their families who have undoubtedly been threatened.

    • Rich Smith

      And perverts!

  • cherokeeman

    Homo-psychobama deserves only one thing, and that is a firing squad for treason because of his actions.

    • MJean

      Lead poisoning. I like it.

    • Jay

      Amen to that.

    • Joy Beum

      I’ll chip in for bullets!

  • p0rkch0pian

    First – and biggest – problem: The Useful Idiot press and networks will not give the “rebels” the time of day. Comrade-Quasi Imam Obamsky will be protected until the last business is dead, our constitution and declaration are burned, and Obamsky (and his hive of Marxists) have been spirited out of the country to…where? Teheran? Moscow? Beijing?

    • Nunnyah Biz


  • Nunnyah Biz

    Too bad all of these “alleged” Americans resigned, instead of actually OBEYING their oath and exercising the authority they have, via the Constitution, to remove the usurper!

    Then I might have actually been impressed with these people! But they are obviously just quitters and have forsaken their Country! They are to be shunned and ignored!

  • Chas

    Allen and Farkas are calling a feckless spade a spade. My only question would be,
    what took them so long to do so….

    • Joy Beum

      ‘so long’? At least they did it.