Oh, No! Another Black Conservative Republican Running for Office

by Lloyd Marcus for American Thinker

In the tradition of Sarah Palin, black Tea Party leader Katrina Pierson is a beautiful God-, family-, country-, and Constitution-loving conservative Republican.  Fearless and outspoken, Pierson’s inspiring life story nukes the Democrats’ mythical Republican War on Women.

Sad that I even have to go there, but Pierson’s skin-color derails the Democrats’ deplorable narrative that Republican equals racist.

Pierson is running for office in Texas’s 32nd congressional district.  After hurdling over establishment Republican Pete Sessions in the primary and defeating her Democrat opponent, Pierson will be the Democrats’ worst nightmare.

The last thing Democrats want on the national stage is a black conservative Republican, anti-abortion, successful single mom who worked her way through college to achieve her American dream (without seeking government for answers).  They do not want another non-victim-minded black elected official out there touting traditional values, preaching that the rewards of hard work and self-reliance are self-respect and dignity.  It would drive Democrats to drink.

Oh my gosh…what if women across America became inspired to emulate Pierson rather than the totally government-dependent pathetic character in the Democrats’ Julia ad?

Pierson boldly stated, “Democrat policies keep women in poverty.”

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Blog: Oh, No! Another Black Conservative Republican Running for Office.



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  • diana harrell

    What a breath of fresh air coming from a black lady. Maybe she can help other black women to see the value in not voting for another demoncrat or RINO.

  • Brian Blair

    Why does the title say Oh no another black conservative? Are you making a racist remark claiming that Brown skinned Americans are only allowed to be democrats? Did you forget that Martin Luther King was a Republican? And did you forget that the democratic party was the party of the KKK? Or does today’s brainwashing propaganda conveniently erase, and change history now? Besides there is no such thing as democrat or republican anymore! Both sides left and right are nothing but extreme right wing socialist fascists posing as liberal or posing as conservative! With a bought off, and paid for mainstream media feeding lies and garbage! And crap like facebook and twitter to further dumb people down!