One of Trump’s BIGGEST Critics Falls Out of the #NeverTrump Tree?

You can bet that even Erick Erickson did NOT see this one coming. It came form his own mouth as a result of his own thought process. All the libtards just ran screaming into the night, Erick has fallen from the #NeverTrump tree with a resounding crash. His reasoning is superb. Read it all below.

As Written By Erick Erickson for The Resurgent:

The polling has drawn ever closer. More and more people wonder if those of us who are NeverTrump should finally yield knowing that we can beat Hillary Clinton. I am in an odd position. I am mindful that should Trump win, the Republican establishment will blame people like me for giving rise to Trump. Likewise, I know if Trump loses, the Republican establishment will blame people like me for giving rise to Trump and Trump supporters will blame people like me for his loss. I suppose I should say not that I’m in an odd position, but that I am in a no-win position.

With Donald Trump’s rise in the polls and the increasingly competitive nature of the race, it is time to reconsider my opposition to Trump. After all, I view Hillary Clinton’s candidacy as anti-American.

I realize saying Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is, in my view, “anti-American” offends some or comes off as hyperbolic, but I think her candidacy is fundamentally anathema to and is fundamentally in opposition to basic, historic American values. I believe the founders of this country recognized individual liberty as negative liberty. It was not what individuals could do if government helped them that made this country great. Rather, it was what individuals could do if government left them alone.

Hillary Clinton’s vision of a leviathan nanny state runs counter to those ideals. She would expand the government, engage the government in social experimentation, and she would advance the agenda of the sexual revolution against the church. I am under no delusions. With Clinton as President, the church in this country will be in for a difficult time, besieged from the outside. The forces of Mordor will be fully on the march.

With Hillary Clinton, the Supreme Court will fall into the hands of the left for a generation at least. The devastation to our social fabric will know no end. Trading in the idea of negative liberty, Clinton and a left-wing Supreme Court will pursue expansionist federal policies and concepts of positive liberty that advance the individual prurient interests of deviants against the church in ways the founders would not have anticipated and no rational person would think wise. But Clinton as President will mean the insane have taken over the asylum.

Gertrude Himmelfarb wrote, “What was once stigmatized as deviant behavior is now tolerated and even sanctioned; what was once regarded as abnormal has been normalized . . . . As deviancy ….

Full Story Here:

Reconsidering My Opposition to Trump | The Resurgent



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  • jwb7605

    Anybody who thinks Trump is conservative is a blithering idiot.
    Anybody who thinks establishment conservatives are conservative is a blithering idiot.
    Trump is the example of what establishment conservatives define as “compromise”.

    • sweetqueen777

      As opposed to blatant Clinton CRAP? I will still throw my hat in with Trump and Pence.

  • JoAnn Graham

    Well, it’s about TIME this pig-headed columnist came to his senses and realized what MANY of us figured out a LONG TIME AGO, and that is, that there are really only TWO CHOICES in this race. Is Trump ideal? NO! But compared to 4 years of a SHRILLARY Presidency, which would only be a continuation of Obama’s subversive and DESTRUCTIVE rampage over all our rights and freedoms, laws, and the general welfare of our country and safety of our citizens, he is the better, indeed, the ONLY SANE CHOICE.

    • Walker

      I don’t think you read the whole column, he said he is not voting for either one.

      • Beckah

        Thanks, beat me to it!

      • sweetqueen777

        I got BORED, and so I DID NOT READ ALL OF IT. Anyone who fails to vote should be horsewhipped. Quitting is not an option, and if you choose one of the third party people, you have just pissed away your vote, in order to “make a statement”. Just more self-centered pomposity.

      • DocileConNoMore

        I disagree. NOT voting for Trump IS a vote for HRC.

  • Walker

    Erickson is a pompous ass who thinks he knows better than pastors and Christians. He probably wrote this to get attention from having it posted here. I don’t think he has many people on his website after joining the “never Trump” crowd. The “never Trump” crowd are all very condescending to “we the people” and feel they are superior to all of us. Therefore, they have lost “we the people” as a audience . . . and I think they are all feeling lonely, sitting up there on their “high horses” all alone.

    Go Trump!!!

  • Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell

    I read the whole thing, and this fool thinks not voting is an option? Not! Is Trump the perfect answer, no! But he is not a politician, full of graft and who is owned by foreign money. Killery is. If you don’t vote you are a fool. The bible thumping, is not working.Your logic is wrong. How can a Christian vote for Kilery, who is very pro-aborton, pro gay, pro-open borders, among other evils? Not voting, is a vote for her.