One Percenter Hypocrites: Barack and Michelle

America’s royal family’s newest vacation

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WASHINGTON, February 15, 2014 — The Olympics are in full swing, and it is a pity there is not a gold medal for hypocrisy. President and Michelle Obama would win the Gold hands down. They would have no serious competition.

Barack Obama is celebrating the increase in America’s debt ceiling by spending more money on himself and his family. Fresh from a lecture to America on income equality, the Obamas are off on vacations that would make billionaires jealous.

The mainstream media have been almost silent on yet another opulent Obama vacation. Actually two Obama vacations: Barack Obama headed off to California for a three day golf vacation, while Michelle headed to Aspen, the winter playground of the rich and famous. Michelle, who sometimes thinks she is a queen, not a first lady, flew with her children — at taxpayer expense — to Aspen, Colorado.


The silence of the Obamas: America’s royal family’s newest vacation | Communities Digital News.

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