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  • liberalssuck

    Gun free zones, most dangerous places in America.

  • akausername

    Hmmm…. I think maybe Therma meant “was it legally purchased?” Just a guess, but I’m sure a lot of us are wondering the same thing. And yes, I believe in the 2nd Amendment. God help the people of Roseburg to get thru this evil act.

  • Dorrie

    He was a black Muslim . . .

  • Jeff Noncent

    as long as we have a Murderer, terrorist in the white house we will have those shooting Happen, can anyone see this happen, its happenning right now

    • Ed Wade

      There was no shooting today. At least, not at this school. Wake up people.

  • frankenbiker

    He came from the most liberal state in the country, to the second most liberal state in the country, to murder and advance gun control. This seems to be the actions of the government wanting to implement gun control, and they’ll kill as lmany kids as they can so they can get it. Less than an hour later the great goatfcker is on the tube crying about how we NEED MORE GUN CONTROL, and the majority of “responsible” gun owners want more controls in place. This is a flat out LIE, but that’s what he wants, and it doesn’t matter how many kids die to get it.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    Well, let’s see….another mass shooting. Where? Gun free killing zone. Hmm. Seems a regular pattern….some mixed race (fake facebook page info?) possible muzlim hater / nutbag / loose screw chooses a gun store for a rampage….uh, no. Chooses a police station for a rampage? Nope! An open public place, nah, still not quite right. OOO, I know! If I’m a nutbag and I wanna kill as many as possible for whatever twisted reason (like i’m a muzlim scumwad and i hate you cus you ain’t like me) while remaining perfectly safe to kill as many as I want to (or run out of ammo) until the cops show, where I then go to ally akbar in a blaze of publicity, maybe holding the record for the most infidels killed in a gun free zone ever, yeah that’s where I wanna be…. A GUN FREE KILLING ZONE!!!

  • Sickofliberallies

    Another gun free zone responsible for multiple deaths. Liberal democrats will never learn…they’ve got the attention span of a gold fish.

  • Patriot47

    Now msm gets to invent motive etc.

  • Ed Wade

    From the chopper footage above: No dozens of ambulances, no cop cars, just two uniformed people standing around. No “carnage” or “chaos” that the MSM was speaking of. No blood, no tears, no victims, no dead bodies, no parents showing up looking to see if their student survived. No sense of urgency anywhere to be seen.

    Who pronounced all of those people dead, the reporters? This has false flag written all over it. I will be called all sorts of names for saying so. But the real idiots are all of you that believe all this crap. Obama had quite a lengthy speech prepared on such short notice, didn’t he? Stephen Spielberg must have emailed it to Valerie Jarrett.

    And of course, Chris Harper Mercer had no Facebook or Twitter account. Didn’t really exist until today.

    Let the fundraising begin!

  • ConDada

    Does anyone know of a credible news source? There are many conflicting reports about how many died/injured, the gunman’s race, motive and religion, etc. Everyone from the president down is pushing their own agenda so what can you believe? News casts seem like a debate against a competitor. It’s sad that even eye witness smart phone footage can’t be trusted because it is often altered to serve said agendas. My heart goes out to those that were actually affected by this.