Our next commander in chief better have the COJONES to say THIS to Islamic jihadis

Here’s EXACTLY what we need to squash the radical Muslim “cockroaches”…

As Written By Allen B. West:

The Obama administration is now crowing about killing ten mid-level ISIS leaders. This is nothing more than a reaction to recent polls expressing Americans’ lack of confidence and trust in Obama’s dealing with Islamic terrorism. There is anxiety and a sense of abject failure with President Obama’s handling of the global Islamic jihadist movement — and it is warranted. And ten guys, or the “retaking” of Ramadi — something that should have never happened — will not dissuade this sentiment.

All you have to do is look beyond the Middle East and see how it’s all falling apart. Just a week ago we lost six brave American Airmen in Bagram, Afghanistan. The combat theater commander, General Campbell, declared ISIS as being “operationally emergent” in Afghanistan. All this has occurred in the combat theater of operations that isn’t supposed to be a combat zone, as unilaterally declared by Barack Obama — hence the anxiety. And there is further proof that Obama has failed.

As reported by the Military Times, “Afghan police are refusing to return to the streets of a volatile southern district under Taliban attack, claiming that promised government help has not yet arrived, an Afghan official said Tuesday.

According to Karim Atal, the director of the Helmand provincial council, security forces are for now staying inside their base in Sangin district, where government forces have been fighting a Taliban takeover attempt for weeks.

Sangin is a major poppy-growing district in Helmand — the heartland of the Taliban — that produces most of the world’s opium, the cash crop that funds the insurgency.

In comments to The Associated Press, Atal also dismissed reports that a military clearing operation had begun in the district. Taliban attempts to overrun Sangin peaked last week when fighters besieged the base, cutting off supply lines for troops, ammunition and food.

Days later, acting Defense Minister Masoom Stanekzai said reinforcements of special forces and commandoes had been deployed. A series of U.S. airstrikes followed and a small contingent of British troops were deployed as advisers for the over-stretched Afghan forces, which eventually helped break the siege.”

We recently reported on the Taliban attack against Kandahar AB, a place I know very well, and prior to that, there was the major assault in northern Afghanistan where U.S. Special Operators and airstrikes had to engage.

So we’re all focused on Ramadi, because that’s what the media wants to cheerlead for Obama, but we hear little about Helmand Province and the Sangin River valley. It’s not that the enemy is stlll on the battlefield, the fact is they still command specified areas of the battlefield. They still maintain sanctuaries.

Ladies and gents, we still have some 380 days to go with President Barack Obama as commander in chief, sorry, I just have trouble typing that. The enemy knows the truth and realizes Obama is paralyzed by campaign promises and ideology.

Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if those five senior Taliban leaders were handling command and control operations from Qatar — if they haven’t somehow slipped back into Afghanistan. The global Islamic jihad grows and it’s not just expanding, it’s infiltrating, and that’s what the recent polling reflects.

The death of ten-mid level jihadi leaders, while nice, is not a strategic victory. Heck, it’s not even a tactical achievement. There are hundreds of thousands globally and we need a doggone big can of Raid for these cockroaches.

It’s up to us, the loyal patriots of America to elect new leadership that will send a message to the jihadists — you can run, but you will only die tired.

And I mean you WILL die……  (THERE’S MORE)






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  • yennikcm

    Off topic: How about this non-traditional SOTU ? Dems are all bringing moslems..and barry is going to lay it all out on the field……are the mos and barry going to announce something?…….my creepo-meter is pegged…….

    • The Old Chip

      The great 0bama will have to give three State of The Union Addresses (SOTUA). One in spanish for the 30 MILLION ILLEGALS, one in Farsi for all the supposed “refugees”, oh, and maybe one in English.

      Keep a sharp watch and Prime the Guns for 2016.

      • rocketride

        Or, as Kipling put it “. . . Order the Guns. . .”. (MacDonough’s Song)

  • marlene

    TRUMP is the only candidate who has already said what he’d do to these “cockroaches.” He also supports the 2nd Amendment and is against any form of amnesty. Pick your priority – he has all of ours. TRUMP FOR COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF 2016.

  • Patriot47

    skippy is running out of time. The plan is proceeding. All the distractions are being thrown into the air. Watch for the reason (excuse) for Marshall Law and suspension of the election.

  • frankenbiker

    As long as its not hildebitch, the next POTUS has GOT to be better than the goatfcking muzzie loving faggot we have ruining things now. Hopefully the next POTUS will be Trump, with Cruz as his VP, that would rock.