Out-of-state voters and non-residents offered ballots in NH primary [VIDEO]

Four years ago, James O’Keefe released a video which showed how easy it would be for people to vote in New Hampshire using the names of deceased people. As a result of that video, New Hampshire changed its voter ID laws. Project Veritas Action revisited New Hampshire during Tuesday’s presidential primary election and again showed how easy it is to cast fraudulent votes with the new law fully in place. In this new video, multiple election officials and Bernie Sanders presidential campaign staffers offered advice to journalists using hidden cameras about how to circumvent the law.



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  • WhiteEagleCross

    The founding fathers were correct, this Republic was made for a moral and religious peoples and is solely inadequate for any other. Now here we are, a depraved sick society voting to subjugate our children and grandchildren’s futures into the 70 communist serfdom cycle. Sick and sad. Selah

  • KC614

    Progressives will allege this video is fake like they did with Planned Parenthood.

    • https://twitter.com/WayneDorniels Wayne Dorniels

      Then prosecute the video maker.

    • richard scalzo

      That’s exactly how they handled anyone without an ID. They know the colleges flood the polls with “voters”. No different than the day of the election. No state ID, then no vote but the Dems will never allow that.

  • klgrube

    Would you just stop procrastinating and endorse Ted Cruz already? Good grief. There’s no one else you could possibly support. Just do this country a favor and make that endorsement.

    • Henry Claymart

      He did before Iowa.

  • Robby the Great

    It’s still not enough. I thought it would be, but it’s still not enough. Those with no respect for the law will always find a way.

  • Debwoolsey

    It’s a good thing that New Hampshire doesn’t have many electoral votes!

    • https://twitter.com/WayneDorniels Wayne Dorniels

      Ah, but do you think this won’t happen in the states that do?

  • https://twitter.com/WayneDorniels Wayne Dorniels

    This happened all over in 2012. Do you really think Ovomit actually got reelected?

  • Dave In Arizona

    Guess there wasn’t enough illegal voters to help Hillary. Is the Clinton machine slipping?