Pentagon and CENTCOM Under Fire for Emails?

 The House Intelligence Committee, The Pentagon, Intelligence Analysts, and Whistle Blowers are making for quite a stir in Congress. Does it sound like the analysts are a little peeved that their view may not get the attention they want. Is CENTCOM doctoring the books to get the analysis that will satisfy the Obama Administration. This one has just begun to boil. Watch it in the article below.




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  • mthammer

    What do you expect from the Army Generals , the worse military branch in the United States , examples Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Dempsey who lied to Congress and the American People , saying that there wasn’t any military close by to help in Benghazi. Then we have General Patreous, the supposedly greates General in the History of the US , turned out to be a total Fraud like the Congress , who had so much respect for the General, as he shared classified material with his lover an adulteress who had a family and two small children . I think it’s a total lie , it all has to do with Obama Threatening Patreous that he would fire him if he ever told the truth about the CIA Annex that was arming Jihadist Libyans and Talaban rebels in Syria to fight Assad.

  • frankenbiker

    Wow, more lies and distortions by people in the Owevomit regime. This is what happens when you purge your top brass and replace them with brass monkeys.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Maybe the Hilldog’s server is still churning out emails.


    B’Ob the “unknown” fired all the decent leadership that kept telling him he was full of it and needed to get squared away….We have no idea just how trustworthy, or honorable this pentagon crowd is now and what they are capable of..the doo doo is just getting deeper each day….

  • grumpyolman

    It will take years to clean out the corrupt, anti-American sycophants Obama has placed into positions of power in all of the major agencies, replacing anyone that dared say “No” to the emperor.