PETERS: How to Defeat the Islamist Fanatics

This article answers the question about how to defeat Islam fanatics. The first and most basic step is that you do not play nice. The threat has to be identified, named, and eliminated. This article contains specific and legal steps that can be taken to attack the problem. This is a war. It is being fought against us already. We need to fight back or we will lose the war. Here is how.


As Written By LTC Ralph Peters for The New York Post:

Since 9/11, our leaders have chosen not to defeat Islamist terrorism.

Their sins have been those of omission, of essential actions avoided and crippling self-delusion.

Consistently, they have denied the nature and scope of the threat. Even the George W. Bush administration pandered to Muslim activists and worried more about offending savages than winning. The Obama administration propagandized for Islam as a “religion of peace,” even as the bodies piled higher.

Neither administration employed the terms “radical Islam” or “Islamist terrorism.”

You cannot defeat an enemy you lack the courage to name.

We can defeat these blood-cult monsters, these Aztecs of the Internet, who engage in mass blood sacrifice to a faith they have perverted. But we have to begin by knocking off the baby-talk……

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How to defeat the Islamist fanatics | New York Post




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