Planned Parenthood HACKED

As reported by CNN and LifeNews:

Anonymous hackers have reportedly broken into Planned Parenthood’s computer system and they say the plan to release emails and other files that will further expose the abortion business in the wake of two videos catching Planned Parenthood doctors arranging potential sales of body parts from aborted babies. 

Though the identities of the hackers have not been released, two news web sites that have reported on the hacking claim the hackers are pro-life and reported comments from the hackers saying they hacked the Planned Parenthood computer system as an attack against the abortion giant.

UPDATE: July 27, 6:28 PM ET: Planned Parenthood officials are now confirming their computer systems were hacked and claim pro-life people are responsible. However, no evidence has been produced showing either Planned Parenthood’s computer systems were actually hacked nor that the alleged hackers are truly pro-life advocates.


Planned Parenthood hacked by anti-abortion group –

MSNBC Reported:

In an incoherent statement on their website, the self-professed hackers said they were “the social justice warriors, seeking to reclaim some sort of lulz for the years and thousands of dollars that Planned Parenthood have wasted and made harvesting your babies.”





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  • marktomark

    if its at CNN it wont be covered properly !!!

  • Chet

    Well, if they were indeed hacked, I can’t see how such would in any wise further the “allow life” movement as liberal media will explode the airways with sympathetic sound bites on behalf of the unwanted/terminate life agenda.

  • TaxPayerDoc

    The outrage from the idiot Left will be over the hacking of websites and not of the unborn. If only the fetus had a vote, it’d be a ‘protected’ class.

    • Linda Shelton

      Once when I was a new EMT, in the early 70s, I wanted to go watch a birth. The parents said yes, the hospital said no. they claimed that I had to have the written consent of the unborn child to watch it be born. They said there was a court case in WA state that said that, so what happened and when did that change?

      • TaxPayerDoc

        Shortly thereafter it was called Roe v. Wade. That “written consent” and the right to life at all was sold by political ideology for the irresponsible and selfish populist vote. That they can’t first count the vote of the Democrat majority they’re killing is why they need an open border welfare state to import the votes they’ve lost. Quite an “act of love”, don’t you think?

      • Christie Hakos-Grannan

        You didn’t find that absurd? You need permission from the mother that’s it!

  • The Compliance Lounge

    I love how they confirm that it was the Pro-Life “people”. I’m sorry, I was busy working today and had nothing to do with it. Cripes!! It was a particular person or group…they try so hard to get the pro-choice people riled up.

    • Angela Edwards 🌺

      It was probably a “pro choice” person doing the hacking so it can be blamed on the Pro Life people. Unless they identify the hackers, I am not going to necessarily believe it was “pro life people”.

    • Ed Wade

      I make a point to never call them what they want to be called. Serial killers are just as “pro choice” as these murderous baby killers. But we don’t address them as “pro choice” we call them what they are. Murderers.

    • Smarmalicious

      They’re pro-choice until it comes to choosing whether or not you want to cater their gay wedding, or call a man dressed up like a woman He instead of She.

  • ADR

    If they ARE hacked, CNN will report it as ‘pro-life groups’ right or wrong. Hacking is against the law and we are certain what the PPH is doing, is unlawful as well. They should be sitting on razor blades, everyone.

  • Roni S.

    It’s not so much about getting the public on their side so much as it’s about that $500,000 salary their director gets….and it’s up to Congress to defund them IMMEDIATELY!!!

    • djmc993150

      Well she does want that Lamborghini…


    May their chickens come home to roost, in spades.

  • FlyTyer2

    Is the Hacker or Hackers organization really relevant? I think not! If body parts of human embryos are being salvaged and sold, then it is a Federal crime.

    There are a few questions that I need to ask: First, who or what made the decision that 20 weeks of gestation defined the embryo as human or some piece of tissue not worthy of life. Second, if the embryo prior to 20 weeks of gestation is not yet human, how can the organs be sold as human tissue. Third, if the parents of supporters of Planned Parent Hood had done the right thing and aborted their own children, would
    this not be an issue.

    I’m sure the Liberals have one or more inane answers to these questions.

    To be honest, I have paid for an abortion in the past. That abortion was performed as soon as the woman confirmed she was pregnant and both of us were sure that an abortion was the right thing to do. We did not wait for 20 weeks to decide.

    • ohsaycanyousee1122

      “…if the embryo prior to 20 weeks of gestation is not yet human,…” At conception DNA is present. There is a blueprint for this human being at conception. Tho difficult and expensive you can find out eye color and gender, etc. So when you say “not yet human”, you must be referring to appearance. An abortion is never the right thing to do. Ask any unborn child. If the mother is a crackhead, an abortion doesn’t solve the drug problem. Incest, rape….you still have those problems. You’ve just added an additional bad behavior to the list….murder.

  • frankenbiker

    Defund and destroy, we don’t need to murder anymore children. I sure the fck don’t want to pay for It when it goes against everything I’ve been taught in church and at home.
    Looking forward to reading these emails, if they exist. I’m sure they’re pulling a hildebeast right now and deleting all emails.

    • Jena Smith

      “hildebeast” bwahahaha. Good name for that ole bag.

  • Jeff Noncent

    Abortion is what going to destroy this nation

    • Jena Smith

      When SCOTUS ruled in 1962 on the the Engel v. Vitale case, thus removing prayer from schools, that was the beginning of the slippery slope. The reprobate minds worked overtime after that; abortion, gay rights, corrupt lying politicians, crime, etc. We are definitely on a course for disaster. We have no moral boundaries anymore.

      • Jeff Noncent

        isn’t that the truth, I am with you on that this nation have killed million of babies, we have gay marriage on the rise, people killing people left and right, we have disaster all over the world, ISIS, and many more, no good news anywhere we are in big trouble

  • Janet Dillon

    Who really cares who did it. They need to be exposed for who they are.

  • Justsomedude58

    Hard drives at planned parenthood are probably mysteriously crashing as we read this article.

    • kc54

      Yes. Hillary gave them pro bono advice and instructional tutorials.

  • Bill T

    if it were body parts of animals that he ASPCA had to put
    down the Left would be going absouluely bat she t crazy!

  • Duffy

    What’s the old Meme about, if a single cell were to be found on another planet, Liberals would be jumping up and down about life on another planet being discovered, If a single cell is found in the womb, it’s bio-mass and not viable, we should kill it.