Playing Partisan Politics While the World Churns, Here’s Obama’s Next Veto

Obama Will Veto Defense Authorization Bill:

Calling the bill “irresponsible,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Wednesday that Obama would veto the National Defense Authorization Act should it reach his desk. The bill would use $90 billion from special war funds to avoid sequestration, which Earnest noted was opposed by several members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.

Defense News Reports:

WASHINGTON — In a dispute with Republicans over how defense would be funded, President Obama plans to veto the 2016 defense policy bill due for a vote in the House on Thursday, a White House spokesman told reporters Wednesday.

All but one conference committee Democrat refused to sign the conference report, which reflects a compromise months in the making between House and Senate armed services committees conferees over differences between their two versions of the bill.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, R-Ariz., and House Armed Services Chairman Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, with the ranking Democrats of each committee — Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., and Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash. — announced the report was finalized at a cordial Capitol Hill press conference late Tuesday afternoon. Reed and Smith collaborated with Republicans on the measure, but said they could not support it.

Republicans have sought to meet Obama’s military budget request through the use of the wartime overseas contingency operations (OCO) account, which is exempt from sequestration budget caps, and which is part of the bill. Smith said this creates a disincentive to reach a deal on the federal budget that removes the caps.

“The lingering problem … is the OCO funding,” said Smith. “The budget caps are still in place. I agree that this is an appropriations issue, but it’s in our bill.”

The bill does not appropriate funding, but sets policy, creating authorization to spend money on a wide range of acquisition programs across the services. The bill also contains measures meant to provide lethal aid to Ukraine, ban torture, keep open the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, reform troop pay and benefits and overhaul acquisition rules.

After White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Wednesday Obama would veto the bill, Thornberry and McCain released statements blasting the president.


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  • Judith Van Doren

    If obama vetoes the defense bill. it would seem he is using his veto to further reduce our military’s ability, on purpose. obama is a traitor, evil to the core, out to destroy USA at every turn. Get rid of him.

    • Conservative

      Get rid of the entire bunch who consider it an honor to kiss his arse.

      • carlcasino

        I am 77 and pushing, but I still keep up with our Military. I was In Subs but many of my peers have Children and G Chidren serving in the forces now in the mid-east and not a day goes by that I hear stories about how our troops are being misused and abused and so few of them make the news. It makes me angry to the core. I am a believer in a supreme being and I will take the clergy’s word that his name is Jesus the son of God and when we abandoned the teachings of the Bible this world has been in a downward spiral ever since. That much can not be refuted. So our problem goes deeper than a POS posing as a Leader of America, It goes to the voters who are so brainwashed or mentally deficient to elect such people. This coming election cycle, IMHO, will determine whether this Republic along with the rest of Freedom Loving People everywhere will survive. America has been the saving grace for the entire world since it’s founding and now we are trying to be just another banana Republic.

    • Hotnike

      Obama needs be arrested, put on trial for treason and hung by the neck until dead, which is the punishment for treason.

  • Med1

    Can we please commence the path toward charges of treason already?!?

  • carlcasino

    Gee Whiz! The POS’s mouthpiece says the POS will Veto the bill. Okay send it to him and let him veto, Send every bill as a separate item and let the POS show his true colors. We all know he is gone but let’s make his legacy one the American Public can see his true colors for the next 100 years.

    • Conservative

      Absolutely, time for the Republicans to call his bluff just like Putin did.

      • carlcasino

        A$$wipe is afraid of Putin. The American people not so much, we are just shepple waiting for the slaughter .Putin and Soros are bedfellows in the $$$ game. The line between Socialist and Communist is like a spiders web.

  • Conservative

    How much more evidence does the American people need before they will face up to the fact that Barack Obama, the Wimp in Chief, is determined to undermine the U.S., the U.S. Military and the U.S. Veterans. He is hell-bent on closing GITMO and returning ti to Cuba, he is determined to give millions to Iran to crush Israel and the U.S., he is determined to import thousands of Muslim, ISIS murderers to kill more innocent Americans, he is determined to withhold support and excellent care for our Veterans, he is determined to turn American into an atheist Country as a prelude to Sharia Law. He is determined to destroy all that has been good and great about the U.S. for 200 years, he is determined to run our National Debt to the point where it will be easy for our enemies to take us over.

    • Pastor John Marshall

      I couldn’t agree more

  • Hotnike

    The POS fraud is at it again.