Predicting Obama’s Final Iran Move

What will be President Obama’s final move with Iran before he leaves office? Will he seek new treaties? Will he use his phone and pen to bypass Congress? Will he find an Executive Order to accomplish what he cannot get the legislature to agree to? The speculation leads to many scenarios. LTC Allen West has his own surprising prediction in the article below.


As Written By Allen B. West:



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  • marstob

    Thankfully, tabs have been kept on Obama. Many people, including I, believe he was a Manchurian Candidate. Today, people may scoff at Trump but he knows, more then any, what is happening in the world. Nucleur he said, would NOT be ruled out – and, obviously with good reason. What our world has come to since 1990 – or even previously when the Shah of Iran, Ameirca’s friend, was denied USA hospital care and requested to leave. ???? Was that all about acquiescing to the Emirs?

    • [email protected]

      The Shah was at Wilford Hall at the Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX

      • marstob

        Thank you for that. I had briefly read he had been requested to leave the USA. And, think Jimmy Carter was in power at the time. It was in the 80;s and he was suffering from Cancer. I was ashamed in denying him the chance to maybe get better. Not nice. But Carter wasn’t a statesman.