Princeton University Agrees to Weigh Erasing Woodrow Wilson’s Name 

Princeton University’s president, under pressure from African American student activists, said Thursday night that the school would begin a process to consider expunging the legacy of former President Woodrow Wilson from campus.

princeton and woodrow wilson


The agreement — signed by Princeton President Christopher L. Eisgruber — ended a 32-hour sit-in at the president’s office.

Students with the Black Justice League entered Nassau Hall around noon Wednesday, calling for the Ivy League university to acknowledge racism within Wilson’s legacy and take actions to improve cultural sensitivity on campus.

The agreement comes as black students across the country have been rallying for improved race relations on college campuses, including a national day of protest Wednesday under the hashtag #StudentBlackOut.




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  • Miriam Haviv

    One of the first signs of anarchy!!!!

    My heart is broken for the end of America the home of the brave, indeed we are at the verge of an era!

  • Jeanne Wallace

    “cause we all know that rewriting history is what a Republic is all about… any one remember this great republic?!? Union of the Soviet Socialists Republics??

    • sandraleesmith46

      Alas, yes, all too well, and Pravda too.

  • aznative

    Let’s get to the heart of the black problem in America:

    It’s called the blame game for a payday.

    We’ve let this crap go on for too long it has kept our nation from being great.

    First of all blacks sold blacks (their own kind) into slavery and brought them here. White people didn’t. And if you look there history there were just as many white slaves as black slaves.

    The statistics do not prove the continual lie that whites are out to kill blacks. We need to nip that statement in the butt every time somebody makes it.

    The truth. There is more black on black crime period.

    Blacks abort more babies and then call white people murders. Seriously!

    There is no accountability in black families. Too many absent fathers to help raise their own.

    Funny how these families who complain about the death of their children weren’t even present in their children’s lives. It is all about a payday. Using their deaths for a profit.

    Why didn’t they get their kids help. Why didn’t they stop the crimes and drugs their children were involved in.

    Nobody wants to see anyone die period.

    The biggest issue in the black community isn’t racism it is bad parenting.

    It’s take a village to raise a child. It takes parents who are present to teach ethics, morality, respect for others.

    It’s about hard work. Showing by doing.

    It is not the governments job to create jobs. The free enterprise system is the greatest power this nation has. What built this country. Americans create jobs, not Washington DC.

    Handouts are what have destroyed this nations work ethic. Nobody wants to work when they can get it for free.

    And you are far removed from the days of slavery. You are owed nothing. You should be thankful to live in the greatest nation on earth.

    And no these youths have not lived with decades of racism. They haven’t been alive that long. They believe what they are taught even if it is a lie.

    Respect yourselves, make something of yourselves and your own communities. The blacks biggest problem is that they have no role models.

    The majority of Americans hate slavery.

    If blacks hate crime quit committing it. Your high incarceration rate is because of you. Don’t you think we tired of paying the prison bills. Get a job, make something of yourself. Be a productive American citizen and a role model for the next black generation. Aren’t you tired of the lies.

    And if you are going to try the cops, and whites in the media. Than try the families of the victims too. Where are the families during all the arrests? Were they even part of the victims life? Did they do anything to stop the continual criminal behavior and drug abuse that lead to the deaths? What is the victims medical history?

    This nation needs to get back to basics. Show some honor and respect for others and their property. They worked for it. You didn’t. Respect the cops. Who in their right mind would run from a cop? Seriously?

    We have too many people in this country who have no respect for our nation or anything else period.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Shut off “entitlement privilege” , aka “affirmative action”: demand they behave to the same societal standard, and EARN positions, be they political, educational , or in businesses/careers, at the same standards as all others. Failure to meet accepted standard means failure to acquire the desired position, and riots or other socially unacceptable behaviors to be quashed by force as needed. No more coddling , and lowered standars, period!

  • sandraleesmith46

    Those FOOLS are Wilson’s socialist legacy!

  • Kat50

    Maybe the alumni need to pull their funding and white students should go somewhere else.