Protesters With Police Escort Chant Death Threats to Police

The anti-cop race protesters were chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon,” as police escorted them down Market Street.

Exclusive Video by Gateway Pundit

Black Lives Matter activists gathered in downtown St. Louis on Thursday October 22, 2015. The protesters screamed homophobic slurs and threats against police even though they had a police escort.



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  • frankenbiker

    So why the police escort? Who do they get to escort these fcking n!ggers? I sure the hell wouldn’t. Black lives don’t matter to me, because they don’t matter to themselves. These idiots are being used by this regime to widen the racial divide in this country, setting us back to the pre Civil Rights Act of 1965 era.

  • Beckah

    I think it’s time the cops started their own “database”. You think cops should die? Maybe they shouldn’t come running when you call.
    Hubby says he wants to see the cops in Chicago (or NY, St. Louis or Baltimore) just say “okay, you don’t think we’re doing our job, we’re taking the next two weeks to go ‘job hunting’, call someone else because 911 is off the hook!”
    These people make me sick. If black lives really mattered, they’d do something about the gangs.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    blacklivesmatter??? How come none of them are really black? There are all just different shades of brown, not black! And most of them that identify as black look like they have quite a bit of WHITE blood in them!

    Hey Coppers, just open fire on these worthless POS’s!

    We’ll look the other way, if you do!!!

  • BobF50

    Again who the furk cares what these 20 or so mindless racist arsewhipes shout. The real CRIME is these hateful idiots get escorts and air time.

  • Bob Barton

    These people ain’t black,they’re feral coons.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Is this the thanks that the cops get? Blatantly Lethal Malcontents shouldn’t have been given any protection AT ALL. Not all police officers are bad, no matter the narrative from BLM and their enablers.