Remember St. Lucie County voting machine “hiccups” and Allen West in the 2012 elections?

by: Jamel Lanee

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. – 80-year-old Kenneth Williams remembers November 2012, when election night hiccups put St. Lucie County in the middle of another unwanted election controversy.

“The voter expects his vote to be counted and to be correct,” said Williams.

The race between then US Congressman Allen West and challenger Patrick Murphy triggered several recounts.

Williams said, “It was kind of comical, it was a toss-up, No one knew who was going to win in the end.”

During a Tuesday county commission meeting, the board approved more than a million dollars from the general fund to purchase about 150 new voting machines.


St. Lucie County to buy 150 new voting machines –

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