RNC Risks FIRESTORM With Convention Rule Changes

RNC may change convention rules next week…

As Written By Ryan Lovelace, The Washington Examiner:

One key committee at the 2016 Republican National Convention will determine whether Donald Trump and Ted Cruz supporters or the GOP leadership has the advantage in choosing the next nominee.

The rules committee’s makeup and decisions have shaped the presidential race before, but play an even bigger role at a contested convention in Cleveland, GOP observers said.

Republican National Committee member Morton Blackwell, who has attended rules meetings at every convention since 1972, said he believes the outcome of the last contested convention in 1976 hung in the balance of the rules committee.




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  • Beckah

    There are two things that Trump brought to this election cycle. First, he started the conversation on “building the wall and deporting illegals”. That’s certainly something BOTH sides would rather not deal with; they like things just the way they are (except the DNC wants them to vote)! Second, he’s brought to light just how “non-democratic” our elections truly are. Voting in the US is nothing more than an expensive appeasement to the masses; an illusion of freedom at best.

    The GOP had better be REALLY careful at this point. They don’t know how close to reliving the fate of the WHIG party they truly are. People are angry, and they are getting more so. Why is Trump doing so well? Because anyone with half a brain is FED UP with DC and all those that are attached to it!

    I’m not thrilled with the prospect of seeing Hitlery move back into 1600 Pennsylvania, but perhaps that is what is needed to get this “housecleaning” started!