Rogue electors meet with Clinton Camp

The Clinton pledged electors seemed to have run amok in their unbridled desire to defeat Trump. The cost to the nation’s faith in the peaceful transfer of power has no bearing on their deliberations. They are willing, get this, to cast Hillary’s votes for Governor John Kasich, if it will defeat Donald Trump. 


Kasich emerges as the group’s alternative Electoral College pick.

Advocates of the long-shot bid to turn the Electoral College against Donald Trump have been in contact with close allies of Hillary Clinton, according to multiple sources familiar with the discussions, but the Clinton camp — and Clinton herself — have declined to weigh in on the merits of the plan.

Clinton’s team and the Democratic National Committee have steadfastly refused to endorse the efforts spearheaded by a group of electors in Colorado and Washington state. But, as with the ongoing recounts initiated by Green Party nominee Jill Stein, the Clinton team has not categorically rejected them, leaving the collection of mainly Democratic electors to push forward with no explicit public support from the failed Democratic nominee or any other prominent party leaders.

In a sign of the sensitivity of the issue, former Clinton campaign officials declined repeated requests to comment on the Electoral College effort. DNC officials also have not responded to requests for comment.

The Clinton camp’s silence follows its cautious approach to another long-shot effort to deny Trump the presidency: the last-minute recount efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan launched by Stein. Stein’s aggressive push has annoyed Clinton aides but has also not drawn their outward condemnation — Clinton’s top campaign lawyer, Marc Elias, said in carefully chosen language Nov. 26 that the campaign will “participate” in the recounts, without expanding on its plans to get involved.

“Regardless of the potential to change the outcome in any of the states, we feel it is ….

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Rogue electors brief Clinton camp on anti-Trump plan – POLITICO



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  • Zado

    John Kasich said he wanted no part of this underhanded move by the Democratic electors , yeah right John, that is until they do it and then you can go back to being the real John Kasich, and throw away any honor and integrity you supposedly had and become the first President to cheat his way into the White House. Speaking of Honor and Integrity, if the democratic voters had any Honor or Integrity they would go down to the election board and unenroll from the Democratic Party, but that would mean that they had Values to live up to,, and we all know that Democratic voters lost them Values a long time ago. Hopefully this action will mean the death of the Democratic Party as we know it, as they have been spiralling towards that goal for a long time judging by their recent actions such as illegals voting ,voter fraud , pandering towards different voter blocks , causing riots in the streets etc, etc. Let us not forget what they are doing and make them pay the price for their foul , underhanded moves and show them in the mid-term elections that we want nothing to do with their evil ways