Russian Fighter Jet Gets TOO CLOSE to U.S. Destroyer [VIDEO]

Russian forces and the United States Navy have been making flybys on each other since back in the Cold War days. It happened so often that a agreement of a set rules was implemented by both nations. This was to prevent accidents and escalations from events. It appears that the Russians need to go back and review these old rules and inform their armed forces of how it used to work.



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  • darrell_b8

    The RUSKIES thru some fancy EW at the Cook’ and it went DARK; several sailors requested shore duty after ward….

    • hosquatch

      From where did that information come?

  • LifeTraveller

    This is an old story, reported only in Europe for the most part. Voltaire online news carried the story.. Much more to it than is told here.

  • Ed Wade

    The ads on this site have stooped to the lowest level. Almost as vulgar and sensationalist as the stories have become.

  • Moss500

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