UPDATE: Russian Missiles “Fell” on Iran [Video]


U.S. officials at the Pentagon reported on Thursday, Cruise missiles fired by Russian warships in the Caspian Sea intended for targets in Syria instead struck areas in Iran. In a post on Facebook, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation disputed CNN’s claim and said that the missiles all hit their intended targets. The cruise missile attack was part of an expanding Russian military campaign in Syria that has deepened the divide between Moscow and Washington over both how to approach the Syrian civil war and the presence of Islamic State fighters in Syria, as well.


Washington (CNN)A number of cruise missiles launched from a Russian ship and aimed at targets in Syria have crashed in Iran, two U.S. officials told CNN Thursday.

Monitoring by U.S. military and intelligence assets has concluded that at least four missiles crashed as they flew over Iran. One official said there may be casualties, but another official said this is not yet known.

It’s unclear where in Iran the missiles landed. The Russian ships have been positioned in the south Caspian Sea, meaning the likely flight path for missiles into Syria would cross over both Iran and Iraq.

The Russians have been firing a relatively new cruise missile called “Kaliber,” using it for the first time in combat.

Iran’s semi-official FARS news agency, however, said that neither Russian nor Iranian authorities have confirmed the U.S. officials’ information at this point. READ MORE HERE


Four Russian cruise missiles fired at Syria from the Caspian Sea landed on Iran, unnamed US officials say.

It was unclear whether the missiles caused any damage, they said.

Russia’s defence ministry has declined to comment. On Wednesday, Russia said it had launched 26 cruise missiles at targets in north and north-west Syria.

The news came as Nato renewed assurances to defend its allies in view of the “escalation of Russian military activities” in Syria.

Nato is boosting its response forces to be able to deploy troops speedily.

Moscow denies Western accusations that it has mainly targeted opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, insisting its strikes have hit the infrastructure of the so-called Islamic State (IS) and other militant groups.


Russian missiles ‘fell on Iran’ – BBC News

Russian Cruz Missiles fell on IRan



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  • jim scofield

    Hey Russia can You say OOOPs This is what happens when You buy
    cheep Chinese knock off parts for guidance systems.

    • metheoldsarge

      Maybe Bill Clinton knew what he was doing when he sold that technology to China back in the 1990s.


    Might be more to this than we now see, could have been a long range test for surprise attack mode….

  • Miko

    Doesn’t or government have Google map/earth
    I find it hard to believe with all the satellites we have the USA has no idea….

  • Raymond Fenner

    That would go and burst Iran’s bubble. 😉 It would be nice to see Russia and Iran as enemies ;).

  • Nunnyah Biz

    Time to back off and let the Russians take all the heat for awhile! And take out our enemies while they’re at it!

  • Cordstreet

    Sure, they hit their intended targets…..IN IRAN! lmao!

  • Dan Moore

    When Russia takes over the middle east, guess who will then control the oil. Think about that for awhile.

  • Dan Moore

    So Obummer is having a chat with Russian President Demitri Medvedev about missle defense in 2012. He forgets (like all politicians seem to do from time to time) that his microphone is still on, and he slips up and says the following…

    Obummer – This is my last election. After the election I have more flexibility.

    To which Putin…I mean Medvedev responds – Yeah, I understand. I (will) transmit this information to Vladamir (Putin), lest I hear from (then he extends his hand indicating that he is refering to Obama).

    So basically, what Obummer is saying is this “Don’t listen to what I am saying now. I’ve got to say what I’ve got to say to get elected. After I am elected I can do whatever I/you want, regardless of my promises”