Russian Warships Dock In Iran As Iranian Military Leader Said THIS About U.S. Troops!

Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi: ‘Only the dead body of the American troops realizes the power of’ Iran’

As Reported By Adam Kredo for The Washington Free Beacon:

Two Russian warships have docked in northern Iran for a series of naval training exercises with the Islamic Republic, according to Persian-language reports translated by the CIA’s Open Source Center.

The two Russian ships docked in Iran’s Anzali port on Sunday and will hold “joint naval exercises during the three-day stay of the warships in Iran,” according to a Persian-language report in Iran’s state-controlled Fars News Agency.

“The [Russian] warships, Volgodonsk and Makhachkala docked in Anzali Port [near the Caspian Sea], in the fourth naval zone, on the afternoon of 9 August,” the report says.

The war exercises come just weeks after Iran and global powers inked a nuclear accord that will provide Iran with billions of dollars in sanctions relief in return for slight restrictions on the country’s nuclear program.

Russian and Iran have grown close in recent years, with delegations from each country regularly visiting one another to ink arms deals and other agreements aimed at strengthening Iran’s nuclear program.

Russia and Iran agreed earlier this year to begin construction on several new nuclear power plants. Russia has also agreed to sell Iran a controversial advanced missile defense system that can prevent attacks by Western powers.

The Russian fleet docked in Iran’s port “carrying a message of ‘peace and friendship,’” according to Iranian officials quoted by Fars. The fleet was “welcomed by Iranian naval commanders and staff.”

You can continue the full story here:

Russian Warships Dock In Iran for War Training | Washington Free Beacon

Iran’s Navy Commander Warns of ’Strong Response to Slightest US Aggressive Move’

As Reported By Almanar:

Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi warned on Monday the United States against taking the slightest hostile move against Iran, stressing that Tehran’s response will be unpredictably strong, Fars news agency reported.

“The western media are mocking at the US for speaking of ‘on the table options (against Iran)’ because the US always utters some words without the ability to materialize them and … we are ready to give such a powerful response to the slightest move of the US that it won’t be able to make any other moves,” Fadavi said, addressing a ceremony in the Northern city of Zibakenar on Monday.

He said that the Iranian Armed Forces are now at the highest level of preparedness, stating that only the dead body of the American troops realizes the power of the Islamic Revolution.

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Iran Navy Commander



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  • J_in_TX

    And Obama would lift sanctions on them, why?

  • copakeman

    give them another 1.5 billion dollars, maybe they iran would like us then.

  • John Bearden

    Gary James, why would we put that on the table, when after years of hearing BS from our Senators and Congressmen, we have never begun serious hardening of US grid infrastructure, a relatively inexpensive undertaking, when looked upon in the scope of overall military expenditure.

    Don’t bother to answer, I’m sure that the powers that be have an entirely different take on ‘security’, than meets reality. Anything spent on security of the ‘homeland’, must contain an element of ‘control’, of the ordinary population, and ‘we the people’, need to look at the ‘big picture’, even the part that won’t fit in the box!

  • JUSTsss

    Why do these guys always look like the’ve been sucking on the rear end of a camel ?

    • jy kelly DEPLORABLE✓REDNECK✓

      Because most of them have…

      • RedMeatState

        aw ya beat me to it.

  • android

    Baraq, Kerry, “Ash” and EVERY limp-wristed liberal Democrat that supports them will be made to own this tragic error for the rest of their lives. These vermin are guaranteeing WW3.

    • jy kelly DEPLORABLE✓REDNECK✓

      They don’t care. You do have to wonder about the thought process of these limp wristed , beta males. This administration always negotiates from a position of weakness.. SMFH..

  • Ohiogunr

    Sunday, December seventh, nineteen forty one, all over again. Only this time, the aggressor will have Nukes too! NICE going Democrats. You COULD NOT have built a better ass kicking for us if you tried. A lot of Americans could be dead before Obama is gone!

  • Jerone A. Bowers

    Too many Chamberlains and not enough Churchhills.

    • Brad Neff

      very good observation Sir

  • right_on

    Bluster…Apropos that their language is called, “Farsi” (farce-y!) Those with great fear scream the loudest. I now see why Obama wants the nuclear deal to go through, and to become friends with this delusional regime…birds of a feather…like minds. Delusional.

  • Ross RoscoRulez Pool

    I just hope when we get attacked, that they shoot everyone who voted for Barry and put him in a position so he could destroy America, one more thing checked of his bucket list. The could get all his political supporters too, make it a clean sweep

  • Iatemine

    I guess there’s not a whit of difference between Persians and Arabs. They lie like its their job and spew the most ridiculous self-aggrandizing BS imaginable. Do you remember Saddam Husseins’ Propaganda Minister, Baghdad Bob, standing on top of a Government Building being interviewed for TV….bragging how Saddams great Army had crushed the Americans and won a great victory…while in the background we could clearly see American Tanks were rolling up the street. …LOL…. That is what this fool reminds me of.

  • BGills

    The current administration has struggled feverishly to force a round peg, into a square hole, regarding the nuclear deal they’ve struck with Iran. They have shaved off restriction, dialed-back verification, limited punitive measures, and surrendered all leverage, simply to paint themselves as benevolent, and willing to sacrifice all, in the name of peace. Now they extol the American People with fantastic tales of Iran’s trustworthiness, while Iran openly mocks, ridicules, and publicly laughs at the foolish Americans who would believe their self-proclaimed mortal enemies could be trusted… And rightfully so!

  • reticle

    It bugs me that there are so many truly frightened people on this blog. Relax, people. We would eat Iran for lunch; it’d take a day.