SCOTUS denies Obama’s request to rehear immigration case 

President Barack Obama is feeling rejected today. The Executive Order guru has had his immigration rehearing request rejected. The Supreme Court sent it back without comment. The lower court order, rejecting the executive action, will stand. This is a great victory for Texas and the 25 other States that brought the case. One for the good guys.

As Reported By CNN:

The Supreme Court rejected Monday a request from the Obama administration to rehear a case concerning its executive actions on immigration, dealing another blow to the President’s attempt to put in place programs aimed at helping more than 4 million undocumented immigrants.

The programs sought to aid those undocumented immigrants to be able to come out of the shadows and apply for programs that could qualify them for work authorization and associated benefits.

Last June, the eight-member court announced it was evenly divided in the case and issued a one-sentence ruling, without comment or dissent, upholding a lower court opinion that blocked the programs from going forward.

The Obama administration asked the court this summer to rehear the case once it had nine members again, although it is unclear when that will be.

Acting Solicitor General Ian Gershengorn argued in briefs that the court “should grant rehearing to provide for a decision by the court when it has a full complement of members, rather than allow a nonprecedential affirmance by an equally divided court to leave in place a nationwide injunction of such significance.”

Without comment, the court denied the request, handing a ….

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