SEALS Buying Own Equipment?

The Department of Defense and United States Navy’s supply system has always been slow to respond to the needs of Sailors and Soldiers. In this day when our troops need it now, it is always somewhere down the road. It should not be up to the troops to fund their own gear out of their own pockets because the DOD cannot function in a timely and efficient manner. Maybe they should just give them an expense account. It would probably be many time cheaper, anyway!




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  • Dave In Arizona

    Obama Administration too busy supplying ISIS.

  • The Old Chip

    Heading the DOD, Ash Carter, a former harvard professor. I believe that it was William Buckley that said that he would rather trust the first 400 people in the phone book than harvard professors.
    Just as useless and unqualified as the 37, completely unacountable to the people, “czars” that the great obama appointed.
    BTW – harvard recently gave a full ride for 4 years, including housing, and books to an ILLEGAL alien.

    Worthless politicians are elected by citizens who don’t vote.
    Remember in November.