Sec State Clinton’s Aides Nixed Government Email Server?

In the latest Secretary of State Clinton’s email saga, it appears that when it was suggested that she use the government’s email server, there was push back.  Hey who do you suppose that was? Was this a plan all along to subvert the system and maintain deniability for Hillary?

Hillary Blumenthal

As Written By CHUCK ROSS for The Daily Caller:

Bombshell emails from the State Department show that a top official at the agency suggested to Hillary Clinton’s aide, Huma Abedin, in August 2011 that the then-secretary of state begin using a government email account to protect against unexpected outages of her private email server.

But as the emails show, Abedin pushed back on the suggestion, telling the official, Stephen D. Mull, then the executive secretary of the State Department, that a State-issued Blackberry equipped with a email address “doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

Besides showing that Clinton’s top aides were against the idea of her using a email account, the emails show for the first time that top State Department officials were aware of Clinton’s private email server arrangement.

The Daily Caller obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed on its behalf by the government watchdog group, Cause of Action.




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  • right_on

    Hahahaha…..hahahahaha!!! Wonder why smart people don’t trust the federal government? The President has established what is, and isn’t acceptable: lying? 👌🏻 Transparency? 👎

    How about we “evolve” in how we deal with anyone in government? Assume everything they say is a lie (because, history shows it IS), and put the onus on THEM to prove they are being honest! Make the least penalty for “lying while in office,” a lifetime ban from holding any office in government (elected or appointed), and a lifetime ban from lobbying, and working for a lobbyist. Also, forfeiture of any earned retirement benefits from government (dis)service!