SecDef Ash Carter SLAMS Congress

Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, sent a letter to Congress expressing his displeasure with a long term continuing budget resolution. In this case he is correct to complain. Congress’ legendary inability to actually pass a budget is shown in the way they keep kicking the can down the road. That is no way to run a business, much less the Department of Defense. It also drives up the costs of everything the Pentagon needs. Congress! Get a Budget!

As Written for Defense News Leo Shane of MilitaryTimes contributed to this story. 

Previous indications were that a shorter CR was coming.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter on Tuesday blasted a congressional plan for an extended continuing resolution that could last until May, calling it “unprecedented and unacceptable” in a letter to Capitol Hill — one that has some staffers in Congress scratching their heads.

The letter, addressed to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, notes that the government has “never” operated under a CR through a presidential transition, nor had one that lasts this long.

“I am particularly troubled by information that Congress may be considering a CR through May. A short-term CR is bad enough, but a CR through May means [the Department of Defense] would have to operate under its constraints for two-thirds of the fiscal year. This is unprecedented and unacceptable, especially when we have so many troops operating in harm’s way,” Carter wrote. “I strongly urge Congress to reject this approach.”

See Carter’s letter to Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

The threat of a CR going until May is news, as indications before the Thanksgiving break was that a CR was coming, but one that would last only until March or April. Staffers from both the House and Senate sides expressed confusion about Carter’s claim of a CR lasting that long, with some indicating they believed the Secretary misinterpreted a plan for the CR to last until the end of March.

However, a senior Pentagon official, speaking on background, pushed back at that idea and said the building was aware of discussion about a longer CR.

“If they are no longer talking about May, that would be …..

Full story continues here:

Carter Slams Congress Over Potential Continuing Resolution Through May



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  • Patriot47

    Business as usual. Hurry to pull you normal deceptive actions, because they are coming to the end of your reign of terror.

  • Beckah

    How many of us would still have jobs if we did them the way Congress does? It sickens me that this is “acceptable”, that there is little recourse, and the American electorate is SO STUPID they continue to re-elect these same greedy bast***s!

    I’d support Trump if for NO OTHER REASON than to put an end to this BS for a while! I know he is only one piece in the puzzle, but maybe “fixing” one piece is enough, for now.

  • ToucheTurtle

    Ash Carter and the Democrats are crying because they want to be able to control a budget way past May!!! I think perhaps it is appropriate that President Trump will have input into the military budget and Secy of Defense Mattis will be the man to make the determination of what funds are needed, equipment to be ordered, etc.

    I am quite sure that the groaning Democrats want to be able to give a last “financial reward” to their loyal supporters before there is a new game in town!!! Their days of gutting the military are almost to an end . . . . . Thank GOD and pass the ammunition!