Sen. Schumer and Sen. Tom Cotton get into ANGRY Confrontation

Senator Chuck Schumer got into a tiff with Senator Tom Cotton today and wound up with a bad case of Foot-In-Mouth disease. As long as it is there, Senator, please close your mouth and chew vigorously. This confrontation came as Democrats played delaying games with CIA nominee Mile Pompeo. You don’t mess with a veteran. I guess Schumer got carried away with his own self-importance.

As Written By Saagar Enjeti for the Daily Caller:

Sens. Tom Cotton and Chuck Schumer reportedly got into an angry confrontation on the Senate floor Friday over Senate Democrats delaying the confirmation of Rep. Mike Pompeo for CIA director, The Weekly Standard reports.

Cotton was reportedly irate with Schumer’s delay of the confirmation vote and loudly accosted him on the Senate floor. Schumer retorted that the Senate had never confirmed a CIA director on Inauguration Day, adding that Senate Republicans did not do the same for former President Barack Obama. He continued that Cotton would have known this if he had been in the Senate eight years ago.

“Eight years ago, I was getting my ass shot at in Afghanistan,” Cotton reportedly shot back. He continued, “So don’t talk to me about where I was 8 years ago.” Cotton served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in the U.S. Army as a member of the 101st Airborne Division.

The Trump administration is similarly irate with Senate Democrats over the Pompeo….


Cotton Drops The Mic Against Chuck Schumer On CIA Nominee | The Daily Caller



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  • Darrell G. Walton

    RINO: Republican In Name Only.


    • USMC 64-68

      Cotton is no RINO, he’s an American patriot. Schumer is no RINO either, he’s an anti-American commiecrat subversive.

      • NamMedic

        Agree with you Marine. I’ll back a combat veteran any and every day in a conflict with a slimy, commie liberal.

        • USMC 64-68

          You got that right. Welcome home brother.

  • KC


  • Lillian DeLuise Kunz

    Good for you Sen. Tom Cotton!

  • Susan

    Congrats to Sen.Tom Cotton,Americans very Proud and thankful for your service and comments on Senate Floor !

  • Sharon

    Its about time to call these slimy dems out.

  • Mike

    GREAT! Stand up to abusive and lying power. I have done it and every American needs to remind politicians they are OUR SERVANTS.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Bravo, Senator Cotton for putting (up)Chuck Schumer in his place! Thank you for your military service and your service as a Statesman.