Sen.Ted Cruz is a serious candidate. Cruz’s critics just don’t get it.

by Eric Golub for

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz officially kicked off the 2016 election cycle Monday by being the first candidate of either party to formally declare for the presidency. As expected, the Republican senator’s fiercest critics did everything they could to embarrass themselves and make him look great by comparison. Optics matter, and the critics remain blind.

Sen. Cruz’s harshest critics describe him as crazy and unhinged, a wild-eyed wacko. The same liberals attacking him are the ones who believe that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a sane, lucid rational individual. A few moments on You-Tube will show that it is the progressive darling Warren who screams at the top of her lungs while Cruz speaks in a rational voice.

Cruz has Republican critics as well. Those Republicans are the first ones to cave in to Democrats and allow a lawless presidency to steamroll over them.




Cruz’s critics just don’t get it

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