Senator Cotton Defends Trump’s Brilliant CIA speech [Video]

President Donald Trump made one of his first visits be at the Central Intelligence Agency. There can be no doubt that he wanted to reassure them of his respect and support. This he did in typical Donald Trump fashion. You can watch the video segments and see for yourself. Tom Cotton does not have much to defend in my book.

As Written By David M. Drucker for the Washington Examiner:

Sen. Tom Cotton on Saturday defended President Trump against criticism that the campaign-style speech he delivered at CIA headquarters was inappropriate.

The Arkansas Republican, who serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee, dismissed critics who questioned whether the CIA, and an audience of agency professionals, was a proper setting for Trump to boast about his campaign victory, crowd sizes and the sales of magazines with his image on the cover, are missing the bond the president has developed with national security professionals.

The CIA employees who gathered for Trump’s remarks, and American intelligence professionals in general, appreciate the ….


Tom Cotton defends Trump’s CIA speech | Washington Examiner




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  • boxerpaws

    Obama spent 8 yr blaming Bush and Fox news. i also recall the media REFUSING to show the size of the crowds at his rallies.taking fake pictures of empty seats before the event. It gave the Clinton campaign a false sense of their victory-we knew better because we watched the REAL story at I wouldn’t trust anything the media says especially when they COLLUDED with obama and clinton both.

  • jmw_123

    Trump speeches start off in the right direction and then he just…gets distracted like this Golden Retriever. He can’t help himself. It always winds up being about how great he is and how mean people are to him. I suppose he’ll grow up some day.