Senator Ted Cruz Issues POWERFUL Statement After Arrest of City Clerk Kim Davis

Today Senator Ted Cruz Responds to the arrest of Rowan County, City Clerk, Kim Davis.

Do you agree with Senator Cruz?

“Today, judicial lawlessness crossed into judicial tyranny. Today, for the first time ever, the government arrested a Christian woman for living according to her faith. This is wrong. This is not America.

“I stand with Kim Davis. Unequivocally. I stand with every American that the Obama Administration is trying to force to chose between honoring his or her faith or complying with a lawless court decision.

“In dissent, Chief Justice Roberts rightly observed that the Court’s marriage decision has nothing to do with the Constitution. Justice Scalia observed that the Court’s decision was so contrary to law that state and local officials would choose to defy it.

“For every politician — Democrat and Republican — who is tut-tutting that Davis must resign, they are defending a hypocritical standard. Where is the call for the mayor of San Francisco to resign for creating a sanctuary city — resulting in the murder of American citizens by criminal illegal aliens welcomed by his lawlessness?

“Where is the call for President Obama to resign for ignoring and defying our immigration laws, our welfare reform laws, and even his own Obamacare?

“When the mayor of San Francisco and President Obama resign, then we can talk about Kim Davis.

“Those who are persecuting Kim Davis believe that Christians should not serve in public office. That is the consequence of their position. Or, if Christians do serve in pubic office, they must disregard their religious faith–or be sent to jail.

“Kim Davis should not be in jail. We are a country founded on Judeo-Christian values, founded by those fleeing religious oppression and seeking a land where we could worship God and live according to our faith, without being imprisoned for doing so.

“I call upon every Believer, every Constitutionalist, every lover of liberty to stand with Kim Davis. Stop the persecution now.”



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  • John Walton

    This is the reason that Jefferson and Madison penned the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions to nullify and check the Feds. Where are the Republican Governors? It’s time for them to tell the Feds enough is enough. How apropos that KY is in a position to take up that mantle again. However, the Gov. Of KY needs the support of the other Rep. Gov.’s along with their State Legislature’s to write resolutions telling the Feds that an unconstitutional law is stil unconstitutional even if the judicial branch of that very same Fed. Govt. says it is good to go. The States and the People are the final arbiter’s of the constitution, NOT 9 folks in black robes. It’s time for leadership from our elected representatives! The Feds could not arrest anyone refusing to walk away from their faith just so they can be a rubber steam for the state. If the States refused to help the Feds they could not enforce anything. THIS IS TYRANNY PEOPLE! We MUST NOT continue to lay down and let these Marxists run roughshod over principals that made this country great. I know that everyone reading this has that same feeling deep in their gut that I and so many others I’ve talked to have too. I know how this all ends. We all do. This feeling so many of us have must be the very same feeling our ancestors had in 1861. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!

    • oldude 43

      your damn right God will not allow this afront to the folks who love him either here or on judgement day every knee will bend and the wheat will be separted from the chat then what they had in the world will be unimportant may they acept Jesus and understand love and soditomy is not an express of l;ove.But for the non believer a mistake of nature is not a civil right.That an insult to we who fought for civil rights
      people born retard are a mistake of nature ,would you allow a fire arm licence to them it is a right that says its should not be any laws against ower of course not responiable people understand the comparance. dna mistakes are not civil right

    • Wayne Reynolds

      AMEN! This is beyond ridiculous. Our courts need a serious cleanup. Activist liberal judges should be charged with malfeasance and treason, arrested, and jailed – then fined 75% of their net worth. They should be imprisoned at least one year under the care of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, live in desert tents, eat bologna sandwiches, and work picking radishes, etc. The greedy California growers wanting cheap labor, (because their current exploited illegal workers would be back in Mexico), would contract with our government at a fair rate — and the prisoners would get NONE of it, it would go to the taxpayers. The three insults to womanhood currently sitting on the Supreme Court should be included in the first batch – then replaced by appointments made by Ted Cruz in his first term as President. The clown who ordered the imprisonment of Kim Davis should also certainly be included. There are so many, I am confident there would soon be no shortage of farm workers. All I have written is dead serious, no humor at all.

    • steady39

      Time for the Article 5 Convention!

      • John Walton

        I too originally thought that an article IV Con Con would be a great option, but be careful, it had the very real possibility of some very serious negative consequences. On the positive, we have significantly more states in the red column and any new amendments would require a strong conservative majority of conservative states to ensure ratification. This initially made me think that this is a great idea, however, I have lost all confidence in our so-called conservative leaders to force the clarification of existing amendments to solidify the founders intent. These weasels submit to the left on everything. This is less evident at the various state legislatures, but I am not so sure I trust the process at this post. Far too much corruption in the system at both state and federal levels that the special interests with money would be who drives the direction of any changes.
        I think it’s far more effective for states to use nullification and simple use this tool to refuse to cooperate with unconstitutional laws. It won’t work if only one state does it as the Feds will withhold funding from said state. If 3, 4 or more states show a united front then. The Feds lose all power to enforce the law. (See the Alien and Sedition act and how Jefferson and Madison handled it).

        • steady39

          Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good! Article V is constitutional. Ratification requires the vote of the people in each state and speaks with greater authority.

          • Calmeilles

            “Ratification requires the vote of the people in each state”

            You might like to go back and read Article V.

            Constitutional Amendments may be put to the States’ Legislatures or to States’ Conventions as Congress might decide in each case. Nowhere is there provision for popular votes for ratification.


          • steady39

            Of course you are correct. I was thinking about the “peoples will” as expressed in their individual states. It appears i should have been more precise. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Hotnike

      The Supreme Court passed a RULING, They cannot pass a LAW. Kim Davis is not breaking any law. GGGEEEEZZZZZ, people!!

      • John Walton

        Your right, but since no state has challenged John Marshall’s assumption of this power that is no where in the Constitution in his Marbury v. Madison opinion. At this point it’s assumed to be fact that the court is the ultimate arbiter of law. In fact it’s US and the states. Unfortunatel, it’s. Very tall hill to climb for us getting the sheep to ever wrap their minds around this.

        • Nunnyah Biz

          I thought is was already said and done when the states had referendums on Marriage being between one man and one woman!

          I do believe they were all overwhelmingly approved by WE,THE PEOPLE! I didn’t think judges could overrule WE, THE PEOPLE! That’s what a Constitutionally based Republic is all about!

          • John Walton

            And…, there is the rub. Why do you think it is that nobody calls us a Republic anymore? We have ceased to be a Republic. We truly have become a democracy. The last several generations have allowed the Federalists (Marxist-statists) to bring us to a slow boil in order to transform us little by little. It’s a crime and a damn shame it’s taken is so long to start waking up. The fact that there are several of us on here with very similar sentiments gives me hope. The overall tone of he nation right now is that of either a. The final death throws of the republic, or b. A call to arms saying that the time has come to fight. I hope that means to fight with the voice of millions as one. Unfortunately, my gut says that we have passed the point where talking will work and I fear we are on the precipice of our nation having a repeat of 1861. I don’t know if these Marxists realize that they have backed those of us that value what the founders created and what made this nation great into a corner. A small percentage of us have realized that we are in that pot and it’s about to boil. Those of us that realized the values, morales and ethics of our once great nation have evaporated and we jumped out of the pot. These leftists have infiltrated every corner and segment of education/media/politics and view the few of us that hopped out of the pot as nothing more than a pesky gnat buzzing around our head. This will be their downfall! Remember the founders only needed III% ( only 3%-5% of the pop. participated in the revolution ) to throw off the crown. I pray for my children’s sake that the same measures the founders used won’t be necessary, but we have a very determined enemy right now. And make no mistake, they are the enemy of a free nation.

          • Nunnyah Biz

            I think a “Call to Arms” is in order here!

            We can start by arresting this judge that ILLEGALLY put Ms Davis in jail for simply exercising her 1st Amendment rights, and try him for his high crimes and misdemeanors!

            That should get the ball rolling………………………………..Now, where are all of those Generals and Admirals that the usurper purged? I need a little 411!

          • Gil Griffith

            “We, the People” includes homosexual people.

          • Nunnyah Biz

            But the MAJORITY Spoke, and the homo/lesbos LOST……………………………….case closed!!!

            Ain’t America Great! Democracy at work! That’s what you libby’s want, right???

            Money where the mouth is time!

          • Gil Griffith

            Please. I am not a liberal, or a progressive. I was raised in a Conservative home, my father was the head of the Conservative Party of New York for 25 years, he helped get James Buckley elected to the Senate and my mom was a Goldwater Girl. That doesn’t mean I have a closed mind.

          • Nunnyah Biz

            Just evade the TRUTH with your family history………………..not interested!

          • Gil Griffith


            I am using my real name and identity here, not evading anything – unlike you, who use a pseudonym.

            You don’t like the gay or lesbian lifestyle? Don’t live it.

            Majority rule does not over ride civil liberties – if it did we would still have slavery and segregation.

          • Nunnyah Biz

            Nobody ever denied homo/lesbos their “Civil Liberties”! Their only goal was to infiltrate and destroy those that were abhorred and disgusted by the “abnormal choice” of behavior!

            You know, just like the muslims!!!

          • Gil Griffith

            Heterosexual divorce rates in the US are over 50% – so much for the ‘sanctity of marriage’

            The legal aspects afforded a married couple are what I am speaking of when I say civil liberties. Next-of-kin rights in medical decisions and hospital visitation. Tax considerations for married couples, all the advantages hetero couples enjoy under the law should be made available to any committed couple who share a life and a home.

            That does not impact you or yours one bit if you are a heterosexual – is you truly abhor or are disgusted by what you perceive as their ‘abnormal choice’ of behavior, then the problem lies with your judgement of what is normal or abnormal.

            Many heterosexual couples engage in the same kind of behavior that you find abhorrent, but I don’t see you judging them.

            Pornography is rampant in our culture, one does not even have to seek it out anymore, it shows up in your e-mail box uninvited. It’s everywhere. Christian Family Values spokesman and proponent Josh Duggar is addicted to it, has admitted as much, and he is a heterosexual.

            Jimmy Swaggart was a ‘man of God’, telling us how to live a godly life, how to serve the Lord (and please send him money to help spread the message), and look at the trouble he got into with prostitutes.

            Even even the self-professed holiest of heterosexual men among us can’t control their passions, and can’t commit not to practice what you call ‘deviant’ or ‘abhorrent’ behavior, even with God on their side – how are we to sit in judgment of homosexuals?

            All of this is between that person and God. Not you, not me, not the Federal Gov’t to decide whether the lives they are leading are ‘right or wrong’ in the eyes of God.

            We’re are complaining about the speck in our brother’s eye while ignoring the 2×4 in our own, just as the scripture says.

            The only goal I see in the LGBT community is to receive the same rights and benefits as committed, monogamous couples as heterosexuals have always enjoyed. Anything beyond that is a paranoid talking point.

            Jesus notoriously spend time ‘hanging out’ with tax collectors, prostitutes, and other sinners (as perceived by the pious, religious leaders of his day) and when criticized, he responded that those who are well are not in need of a doctor.

            Christians are called to share God’s love and spread the Gospel, not to sit in judgment and condemnation of those who live their lives differently.

            If you love your neighbor as yourself, as we are commanded, it is the person we love, not their behavior. What they do with their lives once you share God’s message of love and grace and forgiveness with them is between them and God, not between them and you.

          • Nunnyah Biz

            “The legal aspects afforded a married couple are what I am speaking of
            when I say civil liberties. Next-of-kin rights in medical decisions and
            hospital visitation. Tax considerations for married couples, all the
            advantages hetero couples enjoy under the law should be made available
            to any committed couple who share a life and a home.”

            All of this has been available to homo/lesbos for decades. All they have to do is have a lawyer draw up the papers and “Voila”, civil unions privileges!

            But NO, the homo/lesbos had to attack marriage, and ruin it for everyone!!!

          • Gil Griffith

            Ruin it for everyone? How? The supreme court ruling has absolutely Zero impact on heterosexual marriage.

            If your church or temple doesn’t recognize or perform same-sex marriages, they are not being forced to do so by the state or federal government. Nothing is “ruined”

          • Nunnyah Biz

            The government has no say in the God Given Sanctity of Marriage! Therefore, any of their rulings on Marriage are to be ignored………………………it’s just that simple!

          • Gil Griffith

            Ignored BY THE CHURCH. The state and county have heir own secular marriage licenses, which apply equally to Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims and atheists.

            So again, nothing is “ruined”

            And as to the “sanctity” of marriage, most (greater than 50%) of all marriages end in divorce now – including 3 of Kim Davis’ marriages. So obviously, even among heterosexuals more than half of them don’t believe in the sanctity of marriage anyway.

          • Nunnyah Biz

            Ignored by all REAL Christians……………………….this discussion is CLOSED!

          • Gil Griffith

            As is your mind, apparently.

          • Nunnyah Biz

            When it comes to the atrocities of homo/lesbo behavior………………………closed INDEFINITELY!!!

          • Gil Griffith

            Heterosexual couples – including Christians – practice the same “atrocities” in the privacy of their bedrooms.

            If oral or anal sex causes people to go to hell, there will be a lot of folks down there in the fire of all sexual orientations.

            Your hatred and bigotry are obvious from the tone of your posts. We are supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves, and not judge. Anything else is for God to sort out.

  • Gil Griffith

    No. She’s just as beholden to Romans 13:1 & 2 as the rest of us.

    • metheoldsarge

      The Gays want an example made of her. Otherwise they would have just gone to a city where a clerk was willing to accommodate them.

      • Gil Griffith

        And what abut the heterosexuals who were also denied licenses by Ms. Davis?

        • Papa Bear

          A marriage license is valid state wide. If one county does not issue marriage licenses, then they should just go to another county that does to get their license. Ms. Davis was elected to uphold the laws of Rowan County as well as the State of Kentucky and Kentucky law still defines a marriage as being between one man and one woman. Until that is changed, she did absolutely nothing wrong. Her decision to stop issuing marriage licenses to anyone was done in order to treat everyone equally under the law and was the appropriate thing to do in this situation.

          I’m sure that if Rowan County was a dry county, anyone who wanted booze wouldn’t have any problem with just going to another county to get their booze.

          This is just another attempt by heathens to fundamentally change our Country into something very opposite of what it was intended to be.

          • Gil Griffith

            Intended by whom? Thomas Jefferson, who despised all of Paul’s writings in the New Testament? Who kept slaves and impregnated at least one of them?

            The notion that our forefathers set up the US as a Christian Nation is a fallacy. The did not want a state religion forced on them like they had with the Church of England.

            Freedom of Religion also encompasses freedom *from* religion, hence the separation of church and state.

            George Wallace tried to keep integration from happening by standing in front of the door of University of Alabama 52 years ago. He was wrong then, Ms. Davis is wrong now.

          • Papa Bear

            Quite the contrary Gil. She absolutely did the right thing.

            Marriage licenses are not something that was ordained by God. Marriage sanctioning was instituted by the Government as a way to collect money and control what people do and who they do it with. There were no marriage “licenses” for thousands of years, just the word of the Church as far as whether a marriage was valid or not and marriages were recorded and tracked through Church records and Family Bibles. The fact that the government began to sanction marriages and require “marriage licenses” for ALL marriages is, in and of itself, a violation of Church and State separation. Marriage affairs should be dispensed with in the Church and not in the halls of government.

            As legal Americans, we all have “certain inalienable rights”. To those in Kentucky (among other places), that means
            can’t be infringed upon! It seems that in today’s world, there are a whole bunch of people and groups that are quick to declare their “Rights” but what they seem to forget and don’t give a rats behind about, is that their “rights” end where they begin to infringe on MY rights.

            When our Courts wrongfully refuse to realize that concept, we have what we are seeing here.

            I personally don’t care who you are or how you care to live your personal life but you have absolutely NO “right” to force your blasphemous actions and beliefs on me!! That is between you and God.

            Marriage is a religious sacrament done in the eyes of God between a man and a woman according to God’s Word. Colossians 3:12-17

            A “Civil Union” is a sanctioning that the State has instituted that has absolutely no standing before God and was created as a way for non believing people to unite without adhering to Church guidelines as set forth in God’s Word.

            I believe, and I could be wrong, that the reason these types of people NEED the State to sanction these types of “Unions” is because there isn’t a Spirit filled Church that will unite them in Holy Matrimony in God’s eyes and rightfully so. If there is such a Church, let them go practice their “Religion” under the auspices of that Church and no one could bother them and they wouldn’t have to go about forcing their beliefs on people who want nothing to do with such blasphemous actions.

          • Gil Griffith

            We agree on one thing – the state has no business being in the marriage business.

            Same-sex couples aren’t “forcing’ their beliefs on anyone – if you don’t believe in same-sex marriage, don’t marry someone of the same sex as you.

            The bible tells us to treat our slaves fairly, and tells slaves to obey their masters. We don’t stand by those scriptures anymore, nor do we stone adulterers or insist that widows marry their husband’s brother.

            It is not incumbent upon us to force our religious beliefs and doctrines into the law. The constitution protects os from this, and it applies not only to the Christian faith but Islam as well. As the Muslim population continues to grow, it will ultimately overtake Christianity as the world’s largest religion.

            I for one am glad that we are protected from undue influence of religion in our laws, as I would not want to be beholden to any laws influenced by Islam, anymore than I would want to be told by Judaism what I can and can’t eat, or what day I can or can’t do business on.

          • Ewade

            Please recite the text in the Constitution that requires separation of Church and State. Not your interpretation of Thomas Jefferson’s letter, the actual text.

          • Calmeilles

            “We agree on one thing – the state has no business being in the marriage business.”
            I’ve said this myself in the past. Easy equality is for the States and the Federal government to ignore marriage entirely.

            But there are 1,138 benefits, rights and protections provided on the basis of marital status in Federal law. And however many various benefits provided by the States on the same reason.

            Suggest abolishing marriage then sit back and listen to the 120 million married people HOWL over what they’re losing.

            Frankly, in the face of that sort of potential opposition same sex marriage was the easy option. 🙂

          • metheoldsarge

            Granted that Jefferson would be considered a racist by today’s standards but he was also against slavery.

          • Gil Griffith

            he was against slavery, but owned slaves?

          • metheoldsarge
          • Gil Griffith

            Wow – so he owned slaves, but opposed slavery, got at least one of them pregnant, felt that blacks were inferior to whites and should be sent back from whence they came.

            He was a racist *and* a hypocrite! How nice.

        • metheoldsarge

          First I heard of it. Nothing is said about that in the media.

    • DenverKitty

      Gil…Amen, my brother!

    • MDK66

      1st of all, she took an oath to uphold the U.S. & state constitutions, not poor Supreme Court decisions, and as of yet, the Constitution still has the 1st and 10th amendments, which protect her religious exercise and the right of states to self govern. The Obergefell decision violates both the 1st and 10th amendments. It’s not the first time the Supreme Court has made a horrible decision, Kelo comes to mind, not yet overturned, and, of course, Dred Scott, which was overturned, among still others. The Supreme Court justices are not our divine rulers.

      But more to your point about Romans, what the courts are trying to do is force her to affirm and participate in the perversion of holy matrimony, which was created by God, as we can read in Genesis and see Jesus reaffirm in the Gospels, that marriage is between one man and one woman and indissoluble. (Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:4-6)

      • Gil Griffith

        She said:

        “I’m very steadfast in what I believe. I don’t leave my conscience and my Christian soul out in my vehicle and come in here and pretend to be something I’m not. It’s easy to talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?”

        Now, that has to include the totality of the New Testament. Including Romans 13. Also, Christians are not called to be political activists.

        Christians are admonished to pray for all those in authority in 1 Timothy 2:1-3:

        “1 I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— 2 for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 3 This is good, and pleases God our Savior”

        That’s it.

        The only biblical justification for divorce is adultery. Would Ms. Davis ask couples who need a divorce decree if there was adultery involved, and deny the decree to any couple who divorced for reasons other than adultery?

        In previous biblical times, adultery was punishable by stoning. We no longer accept that as valid – though some Muslims still do.

        The New Testament admonished women to be silent in the church – we no longer accept that as relevant to modern times – although some Orthodox faiths still do.

        Baptists don’t believe in dancing – should a baptist deny a permit for a public dance in a county building?

        What about Muslims and their religious beliefs? If a devout follower of Islam had Ms. Davis’ job, should she deny women driver’s licenses because her faith demands it?

        We either have separation of church (or temple, or mosque) and state or we don’t. Ms. Davis does not have to, in good conscience, issue these marriage licenses. But she can easily recuse herself (like a judge would do if there was a conflict of interest in a court case) and allow another officer of the court to issue the licenses.

        Christianity is not the only faith covered by our Freedom of Religion constitutional right. Jews, Muslims, Hindus and even Scientologists have the same right, and if any to them did something like this with one of their belief systems, you would claim they were wrong to do so if it went against a Christian precept.

        • Ewade

          I think it’s a not so slippery slope to go from dancing to vile homosexual activity. Homosexual liberal progressives that believe as you do have been the ruin of our once moral and decent nation.

          This lady is not practicing political activism, she’s simply invoking her right to stand by her religious beliefs, much the same as the folks that you, no doubt, should be required to bake a cake for fags.

          I’m still waiting for your proof that there is any such thing as separation of church and state in our constitution.

          • Gil Griffith

            I didn’t say it was in the Constitution – the principle is outlined in the Establishment clause.

            As for “vile homosexual activity” – please. What’s vile, specifically – oral sex? Heterosexuals practice that too – it even got our exceedingly heterosexual President Bill Clinton impeached.

            Anal sex? Heterosexuals practice that, too. A lot. So what’s good for the goose is good for the gander – if sexual activity is the litmus test for good Christian morality and entry into heaven, a lot of us are going to burn. Sodom and Gomorrah version 2.0

            And let’s not forget that some of the most pious among us – from Catholic priests and Cardinals abusing alter boys (BTW, those priests claim they are not Gay – they’re ‘just pedophiles’) to televangelists like Baker and Swaggart, to more recently the disgusting incestual and adulterous acts of uber-Christian and family values proponent Josh Duggar – are guilty of the same types of biblicaly-defined perversions.

            Are they all going to burn? Or does their professed faith in Jesus Christ save them? If your answer is that their faith saves them and God’s grace is sufficient unto them, then do not judge them for what you perceive to be their ‘vile’ behavior – it only exposes your bigotry toward gay people.

            Let them sort that out with the Lord – it is not incumbent upon you or Kim Davis to do so.

            Judge not, lest ye be judged. Pray for all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior.

            We don’t stone adulteresses any more. We don’t keep slaves. We don’t insist widows marry their dead husband’s brother to be sinless. We don’t insist that adultery be the only allowable cause for divorce. We don’t make women be silent in the church. We don’t insist that the world is flat (even through the church kept Galileo locked up as a heretic for insisting that it was round), we accept that it is round – because it *IS* round.

            So IMHO, if we’ve adapted our belief system with regard to the Bible over time to reflect the realities in the 20th and now 21st centuries (and that includes the decision to change the Sabbath, which God said to remember and keep holy, from Saturday to Sunday), we need to consider that not everything is a black and white as we’d like or expect it to be.

            There is a lot of grey in the world.

          • Ewade

            So, in short, you excuse the eating of poop because “other people do it.”

            “So IMHO, if we’ve adapted our belief system…” and therein lies the problem with you liberals. Pretend God didn’t really mean what He said and everything is acceptable.

          • Gil Griffith

            I’m not a Liberal. And I am not judging you or calling you names or assuming anything about you’re political affiliation.

            We all adapt our belief systems to conform to the reality we are exposed to. We know a lot more now than we did when the New Testament was written. And most theologians agree that, especially in Paul’s letters to the churches at the time, there are cultural and partition references that applied to that time and place and were specific to that time and place and culture.

            When Paul said in some of his letters that it was him speaking, and not the Lord, we know that he was writing to the elders and the lay people of the church for their admonishment and edification – this means that not every word in the New Testament is directly from God, and that some of the words that we now consider sacred scripture were specific to the church Paul was writing to.

            Keep in mind the source of the writings of Paul – they were letters he was writing to the church he had just visited, or was going to be visiting. They were exhortations to that particular church. He did not sit down and say “Okay, now I am going to write a book of the New Testament of the Good News of Jesus Christ, which will become canonical scripture and be received at the Written Word of God”

            No – he was writing a letter (epistle) to the church. Those epistles were not part of the Gospels and were not added to what has become the New Testament until much later in Christian history. The contents and books of the Bible we now hold as sacred we organized, determined and selected by men. Many books were left out, and to this day the Catholic bible contains books that protestants don’t believe are canonical. All man-made decisions.

  • metheoldsarge

    If there are any Gays reading this you must be claiming a great victory over the bigoted religious fanatic. Congratulations SUCKERS. You are being played big time. All you are is what Lenin referred to a century ago as “Useful Idiots.” What you have done is made another victory for your Muslim Puppet Masters. Why should they work to weaken the Christians and the country when you are doing their dirty work for them? What do you think is going to happen to you when you have outlived your usefulness to them?

    You better get on your knees and pray to all that is holy that Sharia law never takes over in this country. If that happens, it’s back in the closet with you. If you Gays want to remain complacent, thinking you are winning, better think again. Islam is growing in this country every day and they have already infiltrated high places in our government. You Gays better enjoy your same sex marriages while you still can and consider a few facts.

    Fact: The Gay or homosexual life style is a terrible sin by Muslim teaching.
    Fact: Such activity is often punished by death in most Islamic Countries and it could very easily happen in this country.
    Fact: Our current President, whom you fully supported, has already made no secret that he will stand with the Muslims.

    What is ironic is that you also fully supported the politicians in the last election that could very well be the ones that will send you right back to the closet. Think about what can happen to you if or when Sharia Law takes over.

    You should think about what will happen when you have outlived their usefulness. Those politicians you supported, the Christian business owners that you have already ruined financially, people and children you molested and the people you have terrorized, intimidated and insulted, in your shameless grand standing, aren’t going to be there to help.

    Wake up and buck up and stop acting like a bunch of spoiled crybabies. If you are laughing and thinking this will never happen, have a good laugh. Perhaps you should research Ernst Rohm, the homosexual leader of The Brown Shirts, and see what happened to him and his followers when they outlived their usefulness to Hitler. It was called “The night of the long knives”. If you are laughing and thinking this will never happen, have a good laugh. What if I am right? Are you willing to gamble with your life? Can you afford to take that chance?

  • dlzimbelman

    The time for dissent is here and for the people to stand against the enemies of the Constitution and rid the country of the communists, progressives and leftists who are destroying our country.

    • Nunnyah Biz


      I’d say Armed Revolution is in order here, before it gets out of hand!

    • Tj Mercer

      “Not by Might, nor by Power, but By My Spirit” ….”If My People who are Called By My Name will humble themselves and Pray, Confess their sin and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, THEN I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and Heal their Land.”

  • mkdavis

    Direct violation of the 1st amendment.

  • John H. Holliday D.D.S.

    The State of Kentucky should act on their 10th Amendment Rights and order the Kentucky State Police to arrest the Federal agents, especially to arrest and disarm those U.S. Marshals who made the Unconstitutional arrest of the Rowan County Clerk, arrest all other Federal officials directly responsible for the Unconstitutional arrest, including and especially arresting the Unconstitutionally legislating Federal judge, arrested at his own home wearing his pajamas at 3 o’clock in the morning if necessary, who has ordered the Unconstitutional arrest of the Rowan County Clerk, who are infringing and trespassing upon exclusive State jurisdiction of the First Amendment Right of freedom of religion in the State of Kentucky and hold all of those Federal officials in Kentucky State detention under house arrest(meaning let them remain incarcerated in jail indefinitely) until Constitutional due process is 100% guaranteed to prevail(detained under house arrest for years if necessary until the Feds guarantee Constitutional due process with written and signed guarantees that due process and justice will prevail for the accused Federal defendants and for all of the victimized and tyrannized citizens of the State Of Kentucky) against the arrested and detained Federal officials who are the accused suspects of direct violations against the First Amendment Right of freedom of religion and those who are complicit as criminal accomplices and criminal accessories after the fact in violating the First Amendment Right of freedom of religion that is the exclusive jurisdiction of the People which is the State and that simply means that the State is the People and the People are the State.

    The government, any government, is only an agent or tool of the State which means that the government is only a tool of the People because only the People are the State and the government is not the State.

    Only the People as in “We The People”, meaning regular plain ordinary private individual U.S.Citizens and State Citizens are exclusively the State and the State is exclusively only the People.

    A government, meaning any government, is NEVER the State and the State is NEVER the government.

    The government, all governments, are always the subservient and expendable and replaceable tool of the People.

    The People are always superior and supreme above and over their government because the People ARE the State and the government is NEVER the State. The government, any government, regardless if that government is a Federal government, State government, County government, City or Town Municipal government is always subservient and inferior to the People as in “We The People” who are all the regular plain ordinary private individual U.S. Citizens and State Citizens. Even a homeless bum living on the street should be superior and supreme above and over all governments. It’s not communism. It’s just the idea that a free citizen of a free State in the United State is free because he or she is superior and supreme above and over all governments, including all Federal, State, County, City and Town governments that “OBEY” the Constitution and all of the Constitution’s attached Bill Of Rights with all of the Constitution’s limits placed on all governments.

    Historically and anthropologically, marriage has always routinely been naturally recognized and accepted as a marriage only between a man and a woman in all civilized nations on Earth, although even many primitive tribal barbarian people permitted polygyny or polyandry but those marriages were almost exclusively only marriages of men to women and those marriages were promoted to propagate large families with plenty of children to compensate for a high infant mortality rate and short adult life spans. Homosexual marriage is almost unknown in historical times because most marriages in historical times have been based on producing children to populate a barbarian tribe or a civilized nation for survival.

    Queer marriage is just the illusion or delusion of attempting to legitimize perverted, abnormal and unnatural behavior and mental illness not unlike alcoholics who might use an illusion or delusion of the merits or benefits of alcoholism to falsely legitimize alcoholism as a normal human behavior that instead and is in reality a very severe chronic illness.

    • Nunnyah Biz

      You are Right, but it would be the County Sheriff’s duty, not State Police.

      • John H. Holliday D.D.S.

        The Kentucky State Police can be ordered by the Kentucky State Attorney’s General’s Office or the Kentucky State Police can be ordered by the Kentucky Department Of Justice to make the necessary Constitutional arrests, although the Kentucky Attorney General who is a Democrat will need to be coerced by the Citizens of Kentucky to enforce the 10th Amendment. Of course the Kentucky State Police can be granted permission from any Constitutional County Sheriff to Constitutionally arrest any Federal officials in those Counties where those accused Federal officials are present. It is only a matter of State and County red tape and once everyone in the State and in those Counties agrees on the same Law Enforcement procedures including the use of County Sheriff and State Police SWAT teams, the Feds will be taught a lesson in the 10th Amendment that they will learn and understand from inside their jail cells under indefinite detention and house arrest, compliments of the Good Citizens of the State Of Kentucky.

  • LetsJustVoidTheBillOfRights

    You COWARDS!!! You’ve turned a blind eye and a deaf ear. You’ve asked for it. You’ve tolerated it. Now you’re going to get it… right in the homosexuals’ favorite hidey-hole.

  • Pam

    God Bless you Ted Cruz for standing up for your faith. America is broken and is fast losing God’s blessings. God is omnipotent, so our role in the revelation of sin is playing out according to his word . The false prophet has been at work in our highest government office and the beast is to set foot on American soil for the first time in history. The Supreme Court brought an abomination into His holy sanctuary. This country was created to be the last bastion of Christianity, that was the rock she was built on. Now she has entered the last act of becoming the great whore of Babylon. When Jesus knew he was to be arrested and crucified he also prayed to have this bitter cup taken away. We too are praying that we can have judgement pass from our land. God knows the part we have to play till sin is destroyed forever, his return is all that is left to be fulfilled.

  • FarmerJon Blackrock

    We as christian Americans must resist , at all costs God will be with us,and the scriptures tell us they will not win and will stand before the gugement seat of God The Father.I believe this with all my heart.We may be called to give our lives for the Lord Jesus if it comes to this I will.Satin will be stopped.

  • DeadMessenger

    LOVIN’ Ted Cruz…testify, brother!

  • Calmeilles

    Part of the Kentucky oath for County Clerks

    “…I will not knowingly or willingly commit any malfeasance of office, and will faithfully execute the duties of my office without favor, affection or partiality, so help me God.”

    If circumstances changed, as they did, and Ms Davis found herself no longer able to uphold her oath she should have done the honorable thing and resigned her office.

    • Nunnyah Biz

      She took that Oath BEFORE the perversions were forced upon Her by scotus!

  • Jeff Noncent

    yes I do agree with Ted Cruz, and I believe the Anti Christ is around the corner, and furthermore Bible prophecy is being fulfilled right in front of our eyes

    • Gary Jewell

      The antichrist has been around us for a long time! Have you ever noticed that Muslims don’t believe that Jesus is our savior? They believe that Jesus was only a messenger and that Mohamad took his place as the new messenger! They are a part of the antichrist! And yes! Revelations is fulfilling. The Koran tells Muslims to behead anyone that will not transform to their religion. Revelations Ch.13. They must take the mark, the name or the number of his name or be beheaded! The old- school number in which we were always taught is 666, but if you actually write it out according to the way it is written, it would be 600 202020 6. Sort of resembles a barcode, doesn’t it?

      • Jeff Noncent

        yes, I do this time we have a president who is a Muslim, that’s telling me the real Anti Christ is around the corner, because now we have an Anti Christ is in the white house can anyone see this

  • frankenbiker

    SCOTUS decisions are not law, they’re interpretation of law, but they are not the law. Somewhere down the line it seemed to become that way, but in reality, they’re just opinions. Why do you think they call it an opinion when they hand down a decision? They are not binding, they are NOT the law of the land and each state or individual has the right to ignore these findings. The SCOTUS is there to interpret the constitutionality of a case, nothing more.

    • Gary Jewell

      You are right! SCOTUS is only opinions, not laws. I’ve been trying to get this through people’s thick skulls, but they seem to believe that if the SCOTUS says it, then it is law!

      • frankenbiker

        Its called ignorance, and the country seems to be filled with ignorant people in regards to knowing the function of each branch of government.

  • jim scofield

    Have the American people forgotten that the Supreme Court
    Dose Not Write Law’s they are supposed to Interpret the Laws
    So Now Congress has seceded their Constitutional Powers to
    5 leftist lawyers in robes. And is allowing them to write the Laws
    of the land. It is past time for Congress to Stand up and Grow a
    pair of balls and start Impeaching those who are destroying this
    Country. May the Lord watch over Kim Davis and protect Her

  • Patriot47

    No, Ted. The feds did the same thing in the mid 19th century, started a war over it, and sovereignty lost. This is just the second act.

  • JenniferP

    Where are the rest of them? Only one man will stand up for us all?

  • Nunnyah Biz

    I really hope this isn’t lip service just to get elected Teddy!

    Politicians are so hard to trust nowadays, that even when they sound sincere, you have to be suspicious!

    • TxGirl4Liberty

      Ted Cruz is the ONE candidate I trust what he says and believe he will do what he says. Do we need another President who says what he thinks we want to hear, then does something else when elected? Do we need one whose life has been spent playing the Washington political game to line his pockets? I think we need a President who acts like a leader, is an intelligent and influential speaker, who knows, understands, and believes in our Constitution wholeheartedly. Ted Cruz is that man.

      • Nunnyah Biz

        Actions speak louder than words. We shall see!

  • Moss500

    Davis gets arrested for breaking the law. So, we can expect Hillary and Obama to be arrested any day now?