Sheriff Clarke Responds to Tarantino with a Challenge

Sheriff David Clarke responded to Quentin Tarantino calling him out by name on MSNBC with an on-air challenge on “Hannity.”

“I’ll make you a deal Quentin. You take the…profits from your next movie & donate them…& I’ll help call off the dogs,” Clarke said.

But the sheriff didn’t stop there.


Sheriff Clarke to Tarrantino




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  • FreedomEcho

    Fox videos do not work for me. Ever!

    • Ryan Cooner

      Too many big words?

    • ray

      But it’s just moving pictures…you SHOULD be able to follow along…maybe they can start doing some that are completely monosyllabic ??

  • Kenny Mirage

    Works for me.

  • Linda

    Tired of cop haters. He’s living proof of why you don’t use drugs. Don’t really really care for that news guy. Yeah I’ll say it to your face. I like that cop. Didn’t grow up on sweet street USA but I will defend our rights as Americans. The stars need to stay in the clouds as far as I’m concerned.

  • IrishKnight

    What do you expect from a white liberal racist like Tarantino.

  • Steve Blackmon

    I’d live to see him put on a uniform and work a shift with the police. Let him experience first hand what they have to face every day. Let him be a part of a gunfire exchange with a criminal that is trying to kill him. Let him sit in the back seat of a police car and watch as the officers in the front seat are assassinated as they sit in their car. What a freaking idiot!

  • Christian Beach

    “I hate cops” is what the liberals are saying, and yet they also say that only cops should have guns.

    There is no logic in a liberal at all.

  • TiredOfItALL

    I’d like to see Tarantino and every one of these “Limo Liberals” attempt the life and death police training during which they have to decided whether to shoot, hold fire or use a taser. If an anti-cop activist can walk away calling for all people to “comply with police”, this experience could enlighten these Hollywood loud mouths.