Social Media Giant SLAMS the Door on National Security, Allen West Weighs In

Twitter slams the door on national security. In a move to make the the liberal progressives happy, Twitter announces non cooperation policy with national intelligence entities. I guess this step is needed to protect their corporate image. Their bottom line is also on their minds. The welfare and well being of their clientele seems to play no part. Hear this and other choice items in the interview.

Allen West joined Fox Business, Neal Cavuto to discuss.



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  • akatom3565

    You thought that the mere fact that Google and all these companies are owned and operated by liberal titans that have unlimited access to the highest power wouldn’t result in them abusing that power. Pravda would be so jealous as they never had the people they lorded over never gave them the ability to lie to them. They wanted to see the truth and the Government feed them BS and lies. Here in the land of the free we have a group that is trying to subjegate and enslave how we think, what we read and see. Once the media realized that they could control us they never turned back. If you support this than shame on you!

  • frankenbiker

    Sorry but this is bullsht. Twitter, Facebook and all other “social” media sites have any information on anyone that post on these sites readily at their disposal. All the NSA, DHS, and FBI have to do is look at the pages, its all there, right out in the open. Some jihadist wants to recruit on FB and Twitter, they post it. Now tell me, that 200K sq.ft. super computer in Utah can’t find out who’s behind the post. I dare you. They listen in on all phone calls, monitor each and every email sent, and know where its sent, and who sent it. This is a ploy by the federal government to open he door to open spying on American citizens, all in the name of national security of course.