Special Ops BRACE for release of tell-all book!

“Relentless Strike,” a history of the Pentagon’s most secret units, hits stores Tuesday.

As Reported By The Hill:

The military’s U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is bracing for a new book about its most secretive units, sending out warning letters to special-forces operators ahead of the book’s Tuesday release, according to its author.

The letters are being sent to everyone whose names appeared in the book, titled “Relentless Strike: The Secret History of Joint Special Operations Command,” its author Sean Naylor told a small group of journalists on Monday in advance of the book’s release.

The letters warn special operators that they may come under public scrutiny or be contacted by media, and are offered resources on how to deal with the response, said Naylor, a contributing editor at Foreign Policy magazine.

They are also “reminded not to talk about the content of the book in any way, shape or form,” he added.

Naylor said he’s been told that Fort Bragg, where the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Forces is headquartered, “is going ape shit over your book.”

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Special ops brace for release of tell-all book | TheHill




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  • schistdigger

    They’re special ops … silence him.

    • cherokeeman


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    • Runninbear

      They need to frag his azz! semifi!

  • faith shorthouse

    Agreed . This book should never have been allowed to be published . Who does this jackwagon think he is?

    • cherokeeman


  • http://positiveheartbeat.com AmericanDuckie

    They’re considered “Silent Professionals” for a reason.
    When we have guys deployed, and during the times we’re in, this is insanity and downright traitorous to our Special Forces.

  • elmcqueen3

    Does this book fall within the boundaries of the lst amendment of our Consitution…the first 10 amendments known as the American Bill Of Rights…which entails “freedom of speech”…etc.?

    • Paul Endes

      No this does not fall under freedom of speech. It falls under national security.

      • Paul Endes

        By the way, this is fact, not fiction

      • elmcqueen3

        Like Hillary Clinton’s private email server…emails which weren’t classified then…but are classified now for reasons of national security…Hmmmm.

  • Ron

    What has happened to the citizen’s of the United States of America? Have we given up as a nation? Stand firm against the enemy of the U.S..

  • ReadsALot

    It’s currently ranked 429 on Amazon (560 pages). Hopefully they won’t sell many copies. I’ve yet to see Barnes and Noble advertise it.

  • Patriot47

    JSOC operations should remain secret as long as the release of info poses a threat IF they were legal.

  • ArmyBrat

    Hey Naylor, What is your friggin problem? Do you hate America that much or are you just a friggin stupid F#$%. There is a fine line between freedom of speech and treason and you just crossed it. Why don’t you write about the POS in the White House who is pushing this kind of treasonous crap. And to think you are proud of this really sucks.