SURPRISE! Obama signs ANOTHER executive order while you weren’t watching

Allen West “SURPRISE! Obama signs ANOTHER executive order, further destroying our nation”

Written By Allen B. West:

Greetings everyone from the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Midland, Texas. The last time I was here was two summers ago for the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America. Wednesday I will be spending time with the Midland County Republican Women — the largest Republican women’s club in the Nation. Yeehaw!

Flying out to Midland you see the vastness of the Permian basin and its bountiful oil resources — resources we should utilize to produce, consume, and export. Here in Midland, the indomitable American entrepreneurial spirit is evident. It was the small independent oil and gas company visionaries who built West Texas into what I saw flying in this afternoon. And after dinner I was treated to a beautiful West Texas sunset — which has given way to a nice evening thunderstorm.

Now the reason I bring all this up is because I think there’s something about Midland and West Texas that could provide a very good lesson to President Obama and the progressive socialists. In America, as witnessed in Midland, it is completely about Americans DID build that. Funny, why is it that President Obama has never come to Midland? To West Texas? It’s easy to go to places where you feel there will be adoring crowds. But when you’re president, you preside over the entire country, right?

I recall candidate Obama talking about no more “red states and blue states, but United States” — doggone good speech rhetoric. I think a reason why President Obama chose not to come to Midland for Labor Day but instead spent the day giving a speech to union workers in Massachusetts is because he doesn’t really want to see what Americans can accomplish. Instead the president, on a national holiday celebrating work and labor, took the time to enact — by executive order — seven days paid sick leave for government contractors.

As reported by Fox News, during the Labor Day holiday, signed an executive order “requiring paid sick leave for employees of federal contractors, including 300,000 who currently receive none. The White House wouldn’t specify the cost to federal contractors to implement the executive order, which Obama was to address at a major union rally and breakfast in Boston.

The Labor Department said any costs would be offset by savings that contractors would see as a result of lower attrition rates and increased worker loyalty, but produced nothing to back that up. Under the executive order, employees working on federal contracts gain the right to a minimum of one hour of paid leave for every 30 hours they work. Stretched out over 12 months, that’s up to seven days per year. The order will allow employees to use the leave to care for sick relatives as well, and will affect contracts starting in 2017 — just as Obama leaves office.”

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  • ADR

    We have a feckless and spineless Congress who sit with their butt on their hands while Adolf Obama runs rampant over our Rights. The Convention of States need a voice soon or our nation will be at a place of no return.

  • SailingNewYorkCity

    The smart company will not do business with the federal government. If they do, they risk all sorts of problems with regulations and then will cry the blues when they fail to comply with the myriad regulations.

    • DeadMessenger

      Rather, they’ll hold out their hand for a bailout.

  • grama18

    THAT dam stupid jerk is at it again… BUTThead is trying to break the USA I really do not know why he lives in our — FREE — country. HE does not believe in freedom..

  • ADR

    Adolf Obama continues his reign of terror upon the American people with the help of the SCOTUS, Congress, and every cabinet member while we the people, languish without representation. American is the butt of jokes around the world and Obama is handing money to our enemies, and we are stabbing our allies in the back.

  • empty pockets

    I’m sure it’s just another coincidence that it doesn’t go into effect until just AFTER Obama leaves office and just AS the next pres will take the hit for it. Like his EOs delaying the inconvenient and ultra bad parts of Obama-never-cared until after he was RE-elected. In the scheme of things this really is a rather piddling destructive effort by him. Most of what he does is a lot worse. Of course, this is added to all the rest and cumulatively….his intention to “fundamentally transform America” into… progressive socialist supporter of all the world’s deadbeats.

  • Patriot47

    There should be no surprise in the commie’s paying off his “flock”.