Daleiden details instance of “Incarnate Evil” he encountered filming Planned Parenthood [Video]

David Daleiden of Center for Medical Progress details instance of an Incarnate “Evil” he encountered while filming Planned Parenthood videos. Your browser does not support iframes. This story is not for the weak hearted. As reported by The Blaze: Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden described encountering “evil” during his group’s work on the undercover […]

Glenn Beck’s intense discussion with LTC Allen West 2/12/15 ~ LISTEN

Glenn Beck speaks candidly and seriously with LTC Allen West 2/12/15 Crusades and Obama Gaffe Muslim Brotherhood in meetings with the White House Allen West urged former colleagues to not support the President’s resolution Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Russia Marines told to destroy their weapons No leadership by the United States We are sending […]