Allen West and Greta (VIDEO) NYT making excuses for Obama.. again

NYT: From Obama ‘misspoke’ to gave an ‘overstated promise’ Is the ‘Paper of Record’ making excuses for the president and ObamaCare’s shortcomings Allen West joined Greta Van Sustren earlier tonight to discuss President Obama’s overstated Healthcare promise. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: ON THE RECORD WITH GRETA Watch the latest video at <a href=””></a>

@AllenWest discussed “The People’s House, Only for Lobbyists?” on @Gretawire 9/18/13

@AllenWest with @gretawire discussed is ‘The People’s House’ only for lobbyists? – Pres. Obama eliminated public tours of the White House as part of the sequester, but hundreds of K Street lobbyists have continued to have access. CLICK HERE TO WATCH:

Allen West with Greta 2/11/13 “I thought that we lived in an America where you could have freedom of speech”

Allen West went “On the Record” Monday 2/11/13 with Greta van Sustren CLICK HERE TO WATCH: Fox News Insider VAN SUSTEREN: Was Dr. Carson’s speech inappropriate based on the location and the timing? Former congressman Allen West joins us. Good evening, sir. ALLEN WEST, FORMER CONGRESSMAN: Good evening. How are you doing, Greta? VAN SUSTEREN: Very well. And as you […]