ISRAEL: “Don’t get in the way of Obama’s pro-Islamic policies, or else”

By Doni Kandel GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel June 25, 2014 After Barack Obama and John Kerry’s decision to continue to give money to the Palestinian Authority after they brought the murderous Hamas regime into their government American citizens in Israel are now, literally, being taxed to death. Their hard-earned tax dollars are being funneled to an organization whose charter […]

Rep. Allen West Statement on UN General Assembly Vote on Palestinian Statehood

(WASHINGTON)—Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today regarding the United Nations resolution upgrading the Palestinians’ status to a nonmember observer state at the United Nations, approved by a more than two-thirds majority of the 193-member world body — a vote of 138 to 9: “Slowly but surely, hostile nations are tightening the noose around the […]