SECDEF Carter to Putin: We will Defend

Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, let Russia know that the United States will meet its commitment to its allies in Europe. Showing great resolve in an address to the U.S. military’s European Command in Stuttgart, Germany. Hopefully, Putin, is paying attention. As Written By Lucas Tomlinson & first appeared on FOX News: Carter sends message to Moscow: US ready […]

Allen West “ALERT: Russia and Iran make dangerous move”

Sadly, this isn’t a Coke commercial where a bunch of folks hold hands and sing kumbaya. We have enemies who are not seeking a virtuous state of mind, benevolence or justice. ~ Allen West As Written By Allen B. West: Does anyone remember the shoot down of the Malaysian Airlines jet over Ukraine? Yep, how […]

Russia’s World Wide Military Build Up

Russia has stated plans for a military build up. The reasons for this are convoluted. Follow me on this. Russia decided to go adventurism in the Crimea, and when the United States, NATO, and others responded in kind, Russia now felt threatened. This latest announcement seems to portend a move like in the old Cold […]

SECDEF Budget Request Statements Are Reason For Concern [VIDEO]

Sequestration rhymes with castration. That is what seems to have happened to the Defense Department budget during the Obama administration. Red flags are up everywhere but National Defense is not getting the nod. The mind set in Washington seems to be that they are still cashing in on the Peace Dividend from the fall of the […]