Target’s STAGGERING Loss Since April 19th

When you stick your two cents into the political arena these days, you probably want to make sure that you have nothing to lose. While some will write this off as a bad economy issue, the proof is in the numbers. Target’s CEO doesn’t seem to mind too much. Here is what he had to say.


As Written By Warren Todd Hutson for Breitbart:

The CEO of retail giant Target is zig-zagging between the many customers who are angered by his decision to open single-sex bathrooms to the other sex, the gender-identity progressives who pushed for the disastrous transgender policy, and the Wall Street stock-pickers who have chopped roughly $4.5 billion off the company’s value.

“We’re going to continue to embrace our belief in diversity and inclusion, just how important that is to our company,”CEO Brian Cornell said in a May 11 appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” business show. “But we’re also going to make sure our focus on safety is unwavering,” he added. 

To mollify the public angered by his removal of single-sex restrooms and changing rooms, the company will add family bathrooms to all of its stores, he said.

We’re committed over the next few months, to make sure every one of our stores has that option, because we want to make sure that our guests be welcomed in our stores. But if there’s a question of safety, I can tell you and others, our focus on safety is unwavering, and we want to make sure we provide a welcoming environment for all our guests, one that’s safe, one that’s comfortable.


Full Story Continues Here:

Target CEO Defends Pro-Transgender Policy, Stocks Crash Down Another $2 Billion – Breitbart




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  • don

    Target and all stores that promote Homosexuals and their agendas should be boy cotted period its time we take back America from the liberals and their sick agendas.

    • Richard Dockery

      I agree we can stop this nonsense!

      • don

        Hi Richard yes less then 0.1% of America are sodomites but the ACLU is with them to sue anyone who gets in these ungodly peoples ways BUT WE CAN FIGHT BACK BY NOT BUYING THEIR IDEMS AND ALSO EMAIL OR CALL YOUR SENATORS AND COMGRESSMAN IN YOUR STATES AND IN DC and let them know we will not vote for them this will send a message to all and complain also about all the left wing groups tearing this country apart.

  • Ed McDowell

    All to accommodate what percent of your shoppers? $4.5 billion? Stock holders must want your scalp.

  • don

    when 0.1% of 350 million people can change a country that country is a doomed country IE the USA its past time we send these sick bastards back into their holes these sodomites.

  • jolyn52

    what jerks….”family bathrooms” just renaming. You lost completely lost my family business.

  • Linda Shelton

    Does that mean I am going to shop at target any time again, NOT!

  • marmo43

    The world has gone mad. Reprobate minds everywhere. The transgender population is actually .3%. Guess Target figures that is enough to keep them in business??/

  • Kingdom Ambassador

    Praise God!

    But let’s not overlook that this boycott wouldn’t have been necessary if not for the constitutional framers.

    Transgender bathrooms are but one of thousands of consequences of the whirlwind today’s America is reaping as a result of the wind sown by the 18th-century founders when they replaced Biblical responsibilities with Enlightenment rights:

    ‘[B]ecause they have transgressed my covenant, and trespassed against my law … they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind…” (Hosea 8:1,7)

    For more, see blog article “America’s Road to Hell: Paved With Rights” at

    Then, find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey at and receive a complimentary copy of a book that EXAMINES the Constitution by the Bible.

    • don

      WE have sit idle way to long and I will NOT sit Idle anymore and if the ACLU and these other groups do not like it come and face me and I would LOVE to go on TV and say my peace but the liberals who own ABC CBS CNN BBC MSNBC NBC WILL NOT LET IT HAPPEN we also need to boycott these people and do not buy any advertised products to keep them in business AMERICA ITS PAST TIME WE TAKE BACK AMERICA AND PUT GOD THE ALMIGHTY FIRST ABOVE ANYONE OR ANY THING ALSO GET OFF THESE LIBERAL FACE BOOKS SNAP SHOTS AND ANY WHO SUPPORT HOMOSEXUALS.

  • Richard Dockery

    Keep on being stupid Target and you wont need any bathrooms!

  • Beckah

    Target lost our business when they refused to support the 2nd Amendment, this just “reinforces” our opinion of them. Our family had shopped with them for decades.

    If this doesn’t CLEARLY show that “liberalism” is a mental disorder, I’m not sure what will!

    It isn’t even a matter of trying to cater to such a SMALL number of people, it’s the way it’s being done. This whole “self-identifying” BS that is being used to brainwash our young is beyond insane. I wonder if I could get one of those “cushy civil service jobs” if I start “self-identifying” as a “transgender African-American/Asian disabled person”. For an over-paying full time job (that only requires part-time work), it might be worth it to find out. The ACLU would help me, wouldn’t they?

    Brilliant business move to try and “retro-fit” regular restroom/changing rooms! Wonder how many millions that will cost them? No wonder they started opening Starbucks in their stores, have to have someone “shore up” their bottom line!