Terrorist Planned to Attack Nuclear Plants

The Brussels bombers seemed to have had their sights set upon more than just the four bombings that they carried out. Evidence is already coming to light of what they had planned to include in their attacks. The ramifications for all nuclear powered nations just became immense and frightening. Some intelligence analysts  are saying that as ISIS has trained more than 400 terrorists and deployed them in teams. It is thought that they are operating autonomously, and can strike when and how they see fit. It will make detecting them all that much harder. The United States is just as much in their sights as all of Europe. See the information in this article.

Brussels bombers

Brussels bombers DID plan to attack nuclear power station as police uncover 12 hours of footage jihadists filmed outside a plant director’s home

  • Investigators found 12 hours of footage filmed by the jihadi cell in Brussels
  • It included film of the Belgian nuclear power chief’s home in Flanders
  • The ISIS terrorists are believed to have wanted to kidnap him to gain entry 
  • It has now emerged the creators of the footage were the Bakraoui brothers
  • The footage was seized following the Paris terror attacks in November
  • See more of the latest news updates on the Brussels terrorist attacks

The Brussels terrorists were preparing an attack on a nuclear power plant and had recorded 12 hours of reconnaissance footage, it has been reported.

The ISIS cell were spying on Belgium’s nuclear power chief, possibly as part of a kidnap plan to force him to let them into an atomic facility, according to newspaper Derniere Heure.

Hours of film of the home of the Research and Development Director of the Belgian Nuclear Programme were discovered in an apartment in Brussels raided by anti-terrorist police following the attack in Paris.

However, its suspected the arrests of their accomplices last week may have forced them to switch targets to Brussels airport.




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  • Michael J. Fell

    Meanwhile, politically correct “progressive” traitors gnash their teeth, wring their hands, and apologize to the perpetrators of this violence for the words of people in America who recognize a grave threat when they see one.

    If you believe being nicer to islamofascists will make them act in a civilized fashion, you are living in a completely delusional, ivy league faculty lounge fantasyland fairytale. You are an extreme danger to yourself and society at large. You should spend the remainder of your years bound in a straight jacket, heavily medicated, and living in a padded cell.

    • Retired Marine

      Now see that would be expensive. I suggest a lead implant injected directly to the brain, any caliber will do.