Thank you, Meryl Streep, for this reminder!

In true Hollywood elitism, Meryl Streep reminded us just how unimportant her opinion on all things, including politics, really mean to the real world. Her acceptance speech was one for the ages and is perfectly analyze in this fine article by Katherine Tempf, who claims she did not support Mr. Trump in the election, by the way. 

As Written by Katherine Tempf for the National Review:

Last night, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association gathered to give awards to people in Hollywood in front of other people from Hollywood — and it was the perfect example of the kind of self-serving ego-stroking trash that is going to keep these wannabe political activists from ever having any influence over anyone outside of their bubble.

First of all, there’s the fact that La La Land – a movie about Hollywood — won more Golden Globes than any other movie in the history of the Golden Globes. Sure, it was probably a good movie (I wouldn’t know, I watch only the news, true-crime TV, and ’90s Adam Sandler movies) but the fact that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was apparently more enchanted with a movie about themselves than any other film ever is a story almost too perfect to write.

And then there was Meryl Streep’s speech — and I’m not just talking about her Donald Trump comments, either. Yes, those comments certainly played a role in pissing people off, and I will get to them later, but focusing on those alone would ignore just how terribly self-indulgent and ignorant so much of the rest of it  …..

Full Story Continues Here:
Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe Speech — Why Donald Trump Isn’t Going Anywhere | National Review



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  • urbanvrwcmom

    The spew from the pieholes of Hollyweird celebrities, should be taken with a grain of salt.