That’s Enough EPA: Farmers Strike Back in Parody Video “Frozen Style”

by Missouri Farm Bureau Published on May 23, 2014 #ditchtherule

The “Waters of the U.S.” proposed rule lets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulate small ponds, ditches, rainwater flowing through low spots and isolated wet spots – the same as if they were a river or other navigable waterways.

This proposal will be a serious threat to farming and ranching, home-building, energy production and other land uses.

Tell the EPA it’s time to ditch the rule! #ditchtherule

This ditch is dry on my farm today, not a puddle anywhere.
There’s no water flowing, but the government doesn’t care.
Once more the EPA is knocking at our door.
With a brand new rule, they want to regulate us more.
They tried before, and we said no.
Why should they control what doesn’t flow?
Agriculture is safe, that’s what they say.
It’s what they always say.
That’s enough. That’s enough.
Can’t take away anymore.

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