The Allen West Foundation “Texarkana” event was OUTSTANDING!

via The Allen West Foundation

We had an OUTSTANDING event, “For The Future Of America”, in Texarkana Texas on Monday evening, at the Texarkana Convention Center!

Thank you to our sponsors: Skip Colvin, Steve Conner, Dr. Jeff DeHann, Fay Jay Durant, Victoria Ellerfritz, Curt Green,David Haak, Pete Kaburick, Steve Ledwell, John Norton, Dr. Reed Pierce, Cliff Robertson,Mike Sandifer, Bobby Shipp, Coach Barry Switzer, Ray Walsh, Bob White, Dylan White, Dr. John White, Rusty White, Jay Wommack, William Wright. Additional praise to the to our Volunteer organizer, Becky Robertson and her wonderful Volunteers for Monday evenings event. The Allen West Foundation is extremely grateful for your support!


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