The Citadel Will Crumble and Fall If It Allows This Demand To Stand!

In bits and pieces the Citadel will crumble and fall if it allows this demand to stand. It is like the nose of a camel asking to breath inside the tent during a sandstorm. Eventually, you will have the whole camel inside the tent with you.

This is ridiculous on so many levels. The uniform and casual dress rules area known part of the agreement to attending the Citadel. Why would you want to attend if it violated your religious beliefs? It has NOTHING to do with religious accommodation. This is a blatant attempt to marginalize standards at a military institution. Where would it stop?

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As Written By Susan Svrluga for The Washington Post:

The Citadel considers first-ever uniform exception: allowing a Muslim hijab

The Citadel is considering a request from an admitted student that she be allowed to wear a hijab in keeping with her Muslim faith, a move that would be an unprecedented exception to the school’s longstanding uniform requirements.

If the request for the traditional Muslim hair covering is granted, it apparently would be the first exception made to the Citadel’s uniform, which all cadets at the storied public military college in South Carolina are required to wear at nearly all times. (At beaches, for example, college rules stipulate that, “Cadets will change into appropriate swimwear upon arrival and change back into uniform when departing.”) A spokeswoman said that to her knowledge, in its nearly 175-year history, the school has never granted a religious, or other, accommodation that resulted in a change to the uniform.

As word spread on social media, students, alumni and others responded strongly to the idea of an exception being made at an institution where uniformity, discipline and adherence to rules are defining values, where loyalty to the corps is paramount and individual preferences are trivial.




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  • Robert4709

    Barry hates the military as does Hillary Clinton, stating that when Slick Willie was President that “they loathe the military”

  • Lorena Ashcroft

    She should not have been admitted. It is clearly a ploy of CAIR to get inside and destroy not only the Citadel, but in all walks of American life. NO, comply or leave.

    • Lili J

      Abide by The Rules and regulations or be dismissed!

  • Taking care of business!

    To heck with accommodating the mega-cult of islam. How long before one of the crazy-Satanists do something there, bombing, shooting, beheading, raping, whatever in the name of their fictitious god and bloodthirsty, perverse prophet.

  • frankenbiker

    The Owevomit regime will force this fine institution to make them allow her to wear her fugly guard.
    Why are they allowing goatfcking muzzie pricks to join anyway. These animals are our enemies. They shouldn’t be allowed to go to school here, work here. live here, or breath our air. In other words they need to be killed not coddled.

  • Webb

    Play by the Rules or Move On…

  • Moss500

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    You’re done … and so is the spammer. 😉

    • urbanvrwcmom

      Thanks for the ammo. I’ve often wondered how to do away with these characters.

  • Deplorable Destiny Storm

    If she does not like or agree with the dress code, she should never have applied. If it was parents, they should not have. No one is forcing her to go without a hijab, it simply is not part of the uniform. Want to wear a hijab? Go somewhere else, do not expect the rules to be changed to accommodate you.

  • ntn

    Rules are rules. Move on muslime……

  • urbanvrwcmom

    If this cow takes issue with her hijab being disallowed to be part of the uniform, she should just simply leave The Citadel. It looks to me that her slash-and-burn agenda runs counter to the mission of The Citadel. Get lost woman, The Citadel doesn’t need you!

  • bobodoo

    Enough of this crap, she knew the rules when she enrolled there. Go back home if she wants to wear it.

  • Snap N McGarrett

    Destruction and decay are all that the left brings. Leveling the playing field sounds benevolent enough, but let’s face it. Progressivism, leftism, liberalism, socialism, communism are all bulldozers of humanity.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I first entered the Lesesne Gate with the intent to remain awhile fifty-six years ago come September. I thought that I was aware of the difficulty a plebe would face at the Citadel, and resolved that I would overcome whatever obstacles would be thrown my way. Of course, nobody who has not undergone the system can imagine how vigorously that resolve would be tested.
    Fortunately, none of my classmates died during Plebe Week as some had in prior years, although two were removed after being paralyzed, and quite a number of others decided the constant harassment (torture?) was something they wanted to put up with for the next nine months.
    Those who stayed also could not have known that, during the entire fourth class year, they would be forced to prove themselves to faculty and upperclassmen on a daily basis, mentally, physically, militarily, and academically.
    Though the hassles ended with the plebe year, all the other requirements still had to be endured. And even when you put on that coveted ring, and felt you’d “made-it”, it was still possible to fall by the wayside before graduation, as some of my classmates found.
    I’m taking a long time to come to my point, so here’s the gist of it. During my junior year MG Rueben Tucker, an airborne hero of WWII, came in to be our permanent Commandant. He was appalled by what he found and gathered the two upper classes in the auditorium. I can still remember his words all these years later, “Youse guys treat your plebes worse than the Viet Cong treat their prisoners”.
    My thoughts, and I think I speak for all the other cadets in the room, were, “So What? We all went through it or we wouldn’t be here”. Of course, nobody stood up and said so, because it wouldn’t be understood by anyone who hadn’t undergone it.
    It is from that point that I believe the degeneration of the institution began, slowly at first, but now to the point that little of the school I attended remains.

  • Lili J

    So now allegiance to a hijab comes before allegiance to America?
    America is falling, hard..