The Five Got HEATED When Discussing Newest Planned Parenthood Video

Geraldo Rivera accused Eric Bolling of being against federal funding for Planned Parenthood because he is pro-life. Bolling was not in the mood for an on-air battle.

“Can you not do this again today? Can you not do this again today?” he asked.

“I’m not commenting on abortion, Geraldo!” Bolling quipped. “I’m commenting on selling body parts!”

“What is a good abortion to you?” Rivera interjected. “What is a good abortion? What is a good abortion, Eric?”

“I hope you live long on the backs of dead fetuses, Geraldo!”

Bolling said a “good abortion” is one that saves the mother’s life.


the five



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  • Nick T.

    Typical ahole Gerry Rivers. Typical ahole mainstream media. Propaganda for the sheeple, with piss and vinegar to boot

  • chiefpontiac

    I thought Fox couldn’t do any worse than Sideshow Bob Beckel. I was wrong.

    • Beckah

      Bob could at least mount a descent argument, Rivera has only ONE thing to say about EVERYTHING – “RACIST”! EVERYTHING with him is “You’re a racist”.
      I used to LOVE watching “The Five”, but I can’t stand it anymore; if it’s not Juan Williams and his eternal “lockstep with the libs”, it’s the mindless drivel of Rivera.
      At this point, I barely watch news on TV at all, and I’ve given up one FOX show after another.

  • Ed Wade

    Gerry Rivers is a disgusting liberal puke. There is no such thing as a “good” abortion, or a “safe” abortion. Every abortion results in a human being being ripped to pieces.

  • jim scofield

    Fox News should get rid of Rivers

  • Lance Lucius

    Can’t stand the POS Rivera, typical libtard, can’t let any opposing opinion go without talking over the person. Hey Rivera, you can’t hear when your mouth is flapping, and none of us want to hear what you have to say you lying POS.