The INSANE Reason AZ Newspaper Wants To LOWER The Border Fence

A mainstream Arizona newspaper is decrying the small section of the Arizona-Mexico border that has a 14-foot-high primary fence because it is too high for illegal immigrants to safely cross.

As Reported by Breitbart:

The article, “Border Fence Jumpers Breaking Bones,” includes the claim that sections of the border with a 14-foot-high fence are “as tall as a two or three-story house” and tells the stories of several women who broke bones and were treated extensively to healthcare and surgeries at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.

The writer never mentions any lives directly lost as a result of there not being a border fence in most sections, such as when Mexican nationals crossed into the U.S. and murdered father and husband Robert Rosas, a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Full Story Continues Here:

SHOCK: Arizona Paper Decries Border Fence as Too High for Mexicans to Safely Jump

Image belongs to Breitbart



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  • Royal Stanley

    Why not just do this, have buses waiting for the illegals and after all good Americans are moved out of “sanctuary cities” bus the illegals there. Make sure that a 20 ft tall electrified fence is around the city and let the illegals live there. San Francisco has already showed who they want living there and it isn’t Americans.

  • Bert

    Idk, but it sure is a hell of a lot easier to shoot ’em when they’re limping. Liberal dumbass!!!

  • Bert

    Dude, have you seen the Aleutian Islands, hell, deport me please.

    • mthammer

      Okay get in line I have quite a few people that we will be sending there. We have separated the islands by crime, all murderers , people on death row, lifers in all the prisons around the country both State and ;federal , all military deserters like Bergdahl on one Island . The second island would just be for terrorists The ones we hVe locked up in prison, all the inhabitants at GITMO, plus all known terrorist in this country , plus the ones we catch in the future. The Third island would be just for politicians , the ones that have lied, stolen taxpayers money , taken bribes , including all Federal Employees who owe billions in back taxes , ther are over 100,000 of them Plus the Federal Employees who don’t even file. Their taxes, so this island will be bigger than all the rest . Reason being we have more fraud from Thieving Federal Employees , than criminals in this country. The Fourth Island would be just for Obama , his family , the whole Executive Branch under this corrupt administration, every protester who has destroyed the cities in St Louis , FERGUSON, CHICAGO, BALTIMORE , MINNEAPOLIS , LOS ANGELES , ERIC HOLDER , LOIS LERNER PLUS ALL HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS THAT HAD TO RESIGN , ALL FEDERAL EMPLOYEES WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED BUT WERENT .