The Leftist Tree Must Be Watered With Blood at Mizzou

University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe must wonder what he did wrong.

It all began back in September when the black student government president complained that a racist drove by in a truck and allegedly called him a racial slur. Then, in September, a group of black students said that a drunken white racist shouted a slur at them, too.

Tim Wolfe

As Written By Ben Shapiro:

Ugly, of course. But in any normal world, without further evidence of the incidents, life would have gone on — occasional ugliness from ugly people is a feature of living on Earth. But that wasn’t good enough: somehow, Wolfe had to be held responsible, according to the student body. The election of a black student government president was less representative of the campus climate than a couple of shouted names. Thus, the radical group Concerned Student 1950 shut down the university’s homecoming parade, then surrounded Wolfe’s car and tried to force him to get out. When he refused and called the police, they protested him as a racist.

And, like a good little leftist, Wolfe apologized. “I am sorry, and my apology is long overdue,” he said. “My behavior seemed like I did not care. That was not my intention.”

That did not appease the baying crowd, however.

One graduate student began a hunger strike for no apparent reason. But Wolfe continued to …… CONTINUE READING HERE




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  • Christien Scheepers

    I would also be afraid of getting out of my car……we all know how some races behave when their sensibilities are offended!

  • Christien Scheepers

    What are they prostitutes….STOP putting this rubbish on the internet!!!!!

  • Judith Van Doren

    Missouri college is all about racism, and it isn’t the whites committing the racism, it is the blacks committing racism against whites, with the support of obama and dem party. This college will suffer in lack of funding, lack of education, and will crumble on it’s own by the very people assuming power.. It has no place to go but down.

  • Christien Scheepers

    Christien Scheepers

    Susana Fontenot

    20 hours ago

    What are they prostitutes….STOP putting this rubbish on the internet!!!!!

  • Nunnyah Biz

    Hey Mary! How much have you made in the muslim sex slave trade so far??? Sold any children lately???